How AI has changed the way we work

On many occasions we have considered Artificial Intelligence (AI) as our greatest enemy instead of our greatest ally. A technological advance that complicates our daily lives and creates insecurities in our work or personal lives. Ignorance gives rise to many uncomfortable situations and perhaps for this reason we are not clear about the great potential that these AI tools can improve our daily lives.

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How many times have we asked ourselves why I spend so much time managing mail? Why do I work so many hours on the same report? Why do we handle so much paper documentation? Why do we have so many face-to-face meetings? Why do I have to take minutes after every meeting? Why are so many people working on the same task and slowing down its completion?  And so on… so many situations.

We have never stopped to think about all the time we spend doing things that perhaps with the help of AI tools we could save a lot of time.

AI, our greatest ally

AI tools are here to make tasks easier for us,those tasks that are emotionally and physically draining. They are so powerful that they can create new jobs and great opportunities for the future in companies.

The offices have incorporated AI systems to improve security on the premises by detecting the possibility of intruders and alerting staff and the security team.

Companies use AI to control and analyse their office resources and improve energy efficiency in their facilities, such as lighting, air conditioning systems, space reservation, streamlining emergency situations… etc.

Through these digital tools, a company’s professional is able to manage a parking space, know the balance of their gourmet cards, request incidents and self-manage an infinite number of procedures without having to leave their place of work.

AI tools can study the behavioural patterns of users and customers with the sole objective of improving productivity, motivation and making it easier and simpler to manage our daily work. We are now able to automate many processes, process texts in any language and analyse productive data, processes that seemed impossible to do in any other way and that, thanks to new technologies, allow us to have more time to be more productive in our work. We have at our fingertips great training tools that are more creative and interactive and that seek ways to increase our skills in line with digital tools and allow us to evolve and project ourselves in all areas within companies.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

AI is capable of eliminating and helping us in those repetitive, routine tasks, optimising processes in an automated way so that we can dedicate ourselves to more creative and team management.

In addition, it can provide greater accuracy in manual work, reducing the number of errors that can occur and reducing completion time. By having more information available in a more structured way, it allows each decision-maker to make decisions more quickly and efficiently.

As company professionals, through AI tools, we can have more information at our disposal, which allows us to have a more focused vision of your work and make better decisions for its execution.

In the labour market, the creation of new professional positions is growing at the same pace as technological advances, with companies demanding new positions such as: systems engineer, digital design expert, cybersecurity expert, machine learning engineer, robotic scientist or data scientist.

Disadvantages of AI in its progress

With the progress and advancement of Artificial Intelligence, companies are at high risk of having their systems hacked more easily. The risk of obtaining information for use in less favourable situations increases.

Another disadvantage is perhaps the great barrier that occurs in the generation of our elders and their dealings with the public and private sectors. The objective is to try to make AI coexist with digital tools that facilitate the daily life of the entire population in the world, facilitating and helping in all areas that surround us.

In conclusion and to end this article, I would like to emphasise that AI has managed to improve our lives, facilitating procedures or formalities that routinely blocked us in our day-to-day lives and that thanks to digital tools we are more independent and we can manage many procedures ourselves without having to go anywhere.

We must continue to move forward in line with technology and digital tools, and training is our great ally to ensure we are not left behind. Technology and people will go hand in hand to change many processes, management to set goals and achieve great results in companies. Let’s not forget that clients need our support in these technological changes so that they do not become a difficulty, but an ease in their lives.


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