Digital transformation, reskilling and No Code tools

Find out more about the usefulness of digital transformation, reskilling and No Code tools.

the usefulness of digital transformation, reskilling and No Code tools.
Javier Ferreiro

Javier Ferreiro

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Our exercise begins with a film: Ratatouille, by Pixar Studios. Released in 2007, it was unanimously acclaimed by critics and audiences, both young and old. I imagine that anyone with little ones at home will have had the chance to see it, but if not, I’ll try to give you some context without spoilers.

The main plot tells the story of Remy, a field mouse whose passion is cooking (yes, you read that right, cooking), and who through a series of random events (the inciting incident, as Mckee would say) will be faced with a dilemma: to choose between pursuing his dreams or staying with his dreams. Her inspiration, Chef Gusteau, is a TV star who hosts a nationally broadcast show.

A phrase as seemingly well-intentioned as ‘Anyone can cook’ turns out to be the source of the feud between chef Gusteau and Anton Ego, one of France’s most influential food critics.

The succession of events in the main plot will act as a catalyst for one of the subplots, which focuses on our relentless critic’s story of redemption: how he transforms his understanding of cooking, and by extension life… reaching its climax in one of the most famous monologues in the history of cinema, where Anton Ego reflects on his one-time rival’s motto: Anyone Can Cook’.

Now, read this extract from the monologue carefully:

So, AnyoneCanAutomate?

As Anton Ego comes to realise, ‘Anyone can Automate’ does not mean that absolutely everyone is capable of leading the digital transformation in the office. It means that with the combination of the right motivation (the result of self-conviction, environment or circumstances), availability of the right tools (preferably No Code, such as the Microsoft Power Platform, especially if we are not IT Pros), access to training pathways (digital reskilling, if we do not have a technical profile) and references to draw inspiration from, any of us, regardless of our background or previous knowledge, can familiarise ourselves with computational thinking and develop our skills to identify and tackle problems of increasing complexity, understanding them, devising possible solutions and iterating around them until they are solved. And all this starting with the problems they know best: digitising those monotonous and boring tasks they face on a daily basis. Learning by doing, so that without even realising it, you will be contributing to the digital transformation of your office.

Our recipe is therefore…

Benchmarks+ Computational Thinking+ No Code Tools+ Motivation = Digital Transformation

This recipe for digital reskilling will be key to empowering all types of employee profiles, offering them the possibility to familiarise themselves with Computational Thinking and No Code tools, thus widening the pool of potential protagonists of our Digital Transformation.


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