“My day-to-day life at Telefónica”, by Kenia Aranda

As a professional in the field of cybersecurity, and specifically in Identity Management, our day-to-day work is filled with many fronts to protect our clients' most critical and privileged information.

Find out what a typical day in a cybersecurity department at Telefónica is really like.

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What is a normal day in a cybersecurity department at Telefónica really like?

First hours in my job

The days we come to the office in the Telefónica District are very different from when we telecommute. Meeting your colleagues and being able to talk face-to-face, not just via Teams, makes it very special. Before we start the day as such, we usually stop for breakfast and catch up a bit. Watching the sunrise from the 8th floor while having breakfast is spectacular!

The first thing I do when I start working is to read all the emails I have pending from the previous day, this allows me to structure my day and to be able to focus my time on the different tasks. With this I manage to increase my performance and at the same time I allow myself short breaks throughout the working day.

My tools

And the big question, how do I make sure I don’t forget anything? I use programmes such as Trello or Microsoft Tasks, which are based on the Kanban methodology. Being able to see in a more tangible way all the things I have assigned to me is really essential for me to have a complete picture of my to-dos, my tasks in progress, and my completed ones.

Getting down to work

Mornings are usually filled with client meetings. We at Cybersecurity Operations are in charge of deploying technologies that protect and secure our clients’ information, resources and employee access.

These meetings can be project follow-ups with them, in which we show them the progress of the project during the week; more specific sessions with technical teams on behalf of the client, to be able to adapt as much as possible to their current needs and understand from the inside how it works, or training sessions, among others…

All this frenzy is accompanied by the incidents that come in. We must maintain resolution times that are adjusted to the criticality of the incident and that ensure that we provide the best post-implementation service, as well as continuing with everything mentioned above. In the end, incredible as it may seem, it all comes out in the end!

A well-deserved rest

After a busy morning, it’s time for lunch. Within the Telefónica District, we have several dining options, from FoodTrucks in the different squares to the well-known Sodexo, a macro restaurant with multiple options. This time allows us to disconnect and relax, connect with colleagues and have a few laughs. We can’t miss our coffee to recharge our batteries and thus better face the time we have left in the day.

Back to work

Once we have had some rest, we get back to work. In the afternoons, although it is also normal to have meetings, they are usually more on an internal level. The purpose of these meetings is to align all the colleagues on the active projects, so that we can organise ourselves in a more optimal way by redistributing tasks. Although they are not as demanding as those we have in the morning, they are essential for the work to go ahead.

Before the end of the day, I try to write down everything that may have been left hanging in the air during the day, so that I can include it in my organisation the next day.


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