Antonio Herranz

Antonio Herranz

Communication and Training for the General Public

I am Antonio Herranz Sotoca, Business Services Consultant and trainer.

A fan of people who has been dancing through life since my birth in Badalona in 1968, right next to the Mediterraneo. Imagine a playlist that starts with the soundtrack of my childhood, with “High Voltage” style shorts, playing basketball, “Supersonic” rhythm, all while the laughter resounded with “Song2”.

As one of the JASPs who are now Boomers, my professional journey has been an ever-evolving constantly evolving, and Telefonica with its “CompuTer world” has been the backdrop for my transformation. From “never let me down” moments to “ruby, ruby” episodes, I have closed copy paper closed contracts with copy paper, carried a ladder on my shoulder to repair breakdowns, sold the first brick-mobiles, promoted projects such as Som-Hi, Pegasus. So every day is a mix of challenges and teardrops.

And just when I thought I had enough, training came along. At Telefonica, training is more than an more than an adventure, it’s a challenge to the rhythm of “Natural blues”. I have navigated changes in management tools, adaptation to agile methodologies, the creation of new verticals and the revolution in digital customer service channels. In addition, I have had the privilege of participating in projects such as Serfortel, the 50 days of Neurolearning, and its evolution in the Covid environment, a whirlwind of innovation!

In the midst of all this, the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya arrived, “Who cares”, where I continue to help young professionals. I continue to help young professionals. Always gamifying, always looking for tangible results tangible results to the rhythm of “Lemon”, and remembering that, in organisations, the key is not machines or processes,
but people. So let’s dance.


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