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Through which means is the General Meeting convened?

The General Shareholders' Meeting must be called, with the minimum notice required by law, by means of a notice published in, at least:

• The Official Gazette of the Mercantile Registry or one of the newspapers with the largest circulation in Spain.

• The National Securities Market Commission web page.

• The Company’s corporate web page.

Who has the right to attend the Meeting?

You can read about the right to attend and represent the Shareholders' Meeting at the following link:


How can shareholders participate in the Meeting?

You can read about the right to attend and represent the Shareholders' Meeting at the following link:

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Who can attend the Meeting?

Shareholders owning 300 or more shares may attend provided that, at least five days prior to the date of the Meeting, they are registered in the corresponding accounting records. Holders of fewer shares may group with other shareholders up to 300 shares and appoint a proxy to attend.

How can I be represented at the Shareholders' Meeting?

Any shareholder who has the right to attend the General Meeting may be represented by another person, even if the latter is not a shareholder. Proxy may be granted by means of the delegation form printed on the attendance card or in any other way permitted by law. Voting instructions will be reflected in the documents in which the proxy for the General Shareholders' Meeting is recorded. Unless the shareholder granting the proxy expressly indicates otherwise, it shall be understood that s/he gives precise voting instructions in favour of the proposed resolutions formulated by the Board of Directors on the matters included on the Agenda and in against any matter which, not appearing on the Agenda and therefore not known on the date of granting the proxy, could be put to the vote at the General Shareholders' Meeting.

If the proxy document does not indicate the specific person to whom the shareholder confers his representation, it shall be understood to have been granted in favour of the Chairman/woman of the Board of Directors of the Company or whoever, as the case may be, replaces him/her as Chairman/woman of the General Shareholders' Meeting. If the designated representative should find him or herself in a conflict of interest in voting on any of the proposals that, within or outside the Agenda, are submitted at the General Shareholders' Meeting and the represented party has not given precise voting instructions, the representation shall be understood to have been conferred on the Secretary of the General Shareholders' Meeting.

Shareholders who do not hold the minimum number of shares required to attend may confer in writing the representation thereof on a shareholder entitled to attend, or group with other shareholders in the same situation, until the necessary shares are assembled, conferring their representation in writing to one of them.

Can a shareholder attend the Meeting accompanied by a family member or a third party?

The shareholder may attend the Meeting accompanied if the accompanying persons are shareholders of Telefónica or representatives of any shareholder.

If the attendance/delegation card shows more than one holder entitled to attend the Board, how many can attend?

Only one of the holders shall have the right to attend the Meeting, regardless of the number of shares held.

How many voting rights does a shareholder have at the Meeting?

Each share present or represented at the Meeting gives the right to one vote.


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