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For Telefónica, sustainability means thinking about society and the planet and focusing the business to be part of the solution to the challenges facing humanity.



We believe it is our duty to take advantage of the capabilities of connectivity and digitalisation, not only to bring value to our customers, but also to help tackle major challenges such as climate change, inequality, employability and misinformation. We want to:

  • Help society to thrive: promoting economic and social progress based on digitalisation, leaving no one behind. 
  • Build a greener future: taking advantage of the power of digitalisation to curb climate change.
  • Go beyond what is expected of us and take responsibility for our actions at all times in order to build trust.

In this way we will achieve our purpose: to make our world more human by connecting people’s lives, and to become more competitive and relevant.

How can we make sure we are on the right track? Listening to our customers, employees, investors, governments and society in general (more details in our materiality matrix).


S&P Global Ratings recognizes Telefónica's sound management of environmental, social and governance risks


Risk Management


We want to make our world more human by connecting lives 


Jose María Álvarez-Pallete, Chairman and CEO: “Only companies that take responsibility for their actions with society and the planet will be relevant in the future"


This is how we differentiate ourselves

In order to specify the areas of work that help us to make progress in this mission, we have a global Responsible Business Plan. It includes customer projects along with products and services for sustainability, privacy and security, ethics, human capital, governance, suppliers, the environment and climate change. It helps us to:

  • Manage risks and anticipate increasing regulations.
  • Improve productivity by incorporating sustainability criteria into our processes.
  • Grow by promoting the social or environmental benefits of our products and services as a differentiating element in the market.

The Sustainability and Quality Committee of the Board of Directors (Telefónica has been a pioneer in the Ibex35 having a Sustainability Committee on its Board since 2002) approves and monitors the corporate Responsible Business Plan.


Customer satisfaction, gender equality, social trust and CO2 reduction form part of our employees’ variable remuneration


Our efforts in making sustainability an inherent element of the Company’s strategy are paying off. We have received recognitions from prestigious sustainability indexes, like Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI)Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)SustainalyticsEthibel Sustainability Index or FTSE.

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