Online channels

At Telefónica, we have specific online channels for talking to our stakeholders about Responsible Management.


Responsible Business Web 

On this website, developed using HTML5technology, we present our strategy and commitments in this sphere, as well as the main projects in progress, thinking of their impact on society. It also includes the company’s CR and Sustainability Blog, in which employees and other experts participate. The aim is to offer stakeholders valuable information in order to gauge their opinions and establish an effective dialogue with them.


Social Media

Alongside this, our Corporate Twitter @TefOnIssues account enable us to easily speak to our stakeholders about new developments in Responsible Management, find out about their expectations, encourage debate around best practices, studies, etc.



In addition, we have a photo album on Flickr, a video channel on Youtube and an interactive application called Atlas RC which, in an intuitive, amenable manner, shows a selection of indicators of the evolution of Telefónica in Responsible Management aspects in the countries where we operate.