At a multinational like Telefónica, with over 120,000 employees, there are plenty of great ideas for improving the world and our business. With regard to the 2016 Sustainable Innovation Investment Initiative, we were looking for proposals to respond to these challenges: connecting those who are not connected, protecting the planet and promoting sustainable societies.

What kind of initiatives were we interested in? They needed to be in line with Telefónica strategy, based on our knowledge and experience, outstanding and innovative. They needed to have a social or environmental impact and the capacity to generate revenue.

Of the 60 proposals submitted, the initiatives selected are the following: Yanapaqi (Peru), Fénix (Mexico) and Smart Patrimonio (Chile). Telefónica will provide resources to make them a reality. Here they are!


Yanapaqi - Telefónica Rural Connectivity Infrastructure in Peru



Click on each circle to know the impact of the project and how we are going to do it:


By using Movistar Satellite Wi-Fi and the Your Movistar, Your Mobile Money and My Movistar apps, users can make calls, send texts, use a tablet or computer, make payments and purchases, access apps with an educational content, and so on.


Improved rural development and inclusion.


New customers in Peru who can subsequently be offered other services.

Dennis Fernández, Director of Strategy, Regulation, Wholesaler and Transformation: "We are going to connect the poorest people in Peru – 3000 people in seven localities in the Yanapaqi area – and train them so that they can use a mobile phone in their daily lives and access financial, education and health systems, and so on.”

Paulo Flores Escobar, Head of Planning and Projects in Rural Business: "This is an initiative which can easily be replicated in other countries such as El Salvador, Colombia and Brazil, where Telefónica is already working to improve coverage in rural areas.”.




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We will develop a portable kit to extend the 2G/3G mobile network and a fleet management solution, all via satellite. This solution can be deployed in a short space of time and enable connectivity in areas where the network is down.


The quick restoration of communications helps to save lives and to regain a sense of normality.


It will lead to new revenue from governmental and international agency clients, as well as sales for large-scale events which require a fast expansion of coverage via a low cost system. There will be a proof of concept in Mexico and it could be a solution that expands to other countries.

Ignacio García Comín, Director of Wholesale Satellite & New Services: "We want to be able to quickly connect to areas that are cut off as a result of a natural disaster in order to help governments, NGOs, healthcare services, and so on, to be coordinated and respond to victims.”

Enrique Macho, manager at Satellite Services Business Unit : "In addition to delivering communications, we will install a small monitoring device in the fleets of trucks, ambulances, fire engines, and so on, to enable these vehicles to be managed better”.


Smart Patrimonio – Corporate Innovation Technology by Telefónica Chile


Click on each circle to know the impact of the project and how we are going to do it:


Smart Patrimonio is based on a network of wireless sensors connected to the cloud. Developed by our partner, Fundación Santa María la Real, it has been implemented successfully, in collaboration with Telefónica, at monuments and areas of immense cultural value in Spain, such as the Walls of Ávila.


Conservation of two sites included in the list of World Heritage sites in danger.


New revenue resulting from the provision of a solution to a new market. Telefónica positioning itself as a national IoT market leader with advanced solutions.

Alvaro Jubera, Manager of Corporate Innovation Strategy and Development: "We are going to improve the conservation of the Humberstone and Santa Laura Saltpetre Works, the old mining area and World Heritage site located in the Atacama Desert. We will introduce monitoring that will provide us with key information on humidity, temperature, xylophagous insects, and so on”

Franz La Roche, Corporate Innovation Manager: "This is the great challenge: to manage and control, for the first time, a natural heritage site with the complexity of an area such as the saltpetre mines, which are in one of the most arid deserts on the planet”.


Panel of judges

On the panel of judges we found Telefónica managers - Gonzalo Carrión (Strategy), David del Val (Telefónica I+D), Ana Segurado (Open Future), Roberto Cabrera (Public Policies), Elena Valderrábano (Ethics and Responsible Business) and María Lahore from the CAF Latin American Development Bank.


Congratulations also to the Finalists:

  • Net Aware – O2 UK
  • Gestión de Flotas – CCDO IoT
  • Plataforma de Crecimiento Verde – Telefónica España
  • BancO2 – Telefónica Colombia



MOVISTAR+ 5S, A Success story

Movistar+ 5S, the pioneering proposal to bring television to people with sensory disabilities, was created as a result of a sustainable innovation pilot scheme. For several months, Telefónica worked with Whatscine and associations with a view to testing the service, gathering ideas for its improvement and converting the project into a real service.