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Education is the most powerful tool for reducing inequality and building the foundations for sustainable growth. The digital environment has opened a world of opportunities for learning and teaching.

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ICTs are currently the central focus of education transformation and Telefónica is a strategic ally in advancing this process of change. We are the third company worldwide that most invests in education (130 million dollars annually), according to the Varkey Foundation and Unesco.



The digital education project for disadvantaged children and adolescents, funded by the Fundación Telefónica and the ”la Caixa” Banking Foundation, have placed more than two million young boys, girls and adolescents in schools throughout Latin America and Africa.

ProFuturo, a initiative inspired by Pope Francisco, carries out activities in the following areas:

  • Deployment of digital mobile classrooms, including equipment and software (educational platform and content), in schools located in vulnerable areas.
  • Teacher training in the use of information technologies, the educational platform and its content, as well as in innovative educational methodologies.
  • Design of a model specifically adapted to the current situation in refugee camps.
  • Accessibility of the content and platform for access by people with disabilities.


César Alierta, president of the Fundación Telefónica: “50 million children in the world don’t have access to any type of education and we can't leave them behind. The goal of ProFuturo is to take advantage of technology to close the education gap”.


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Fundación Telefónica

Fundación Telefónica also has other projects in the educational setting, such as Escuelas Creativas (Creative Schools)Entre Profes (Between Teachers) and Aulas Fundación Telefónica (Telefónica Foundation Classrooms).

Through these projects we can identify trends in educational innovation and replicable models; we discover ideas, tools and values of the digital society and actively participate in it to improve education in Europe and Latin America.

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Telefónica Digital Education

Telefónica Digital Education is the Telefónica Group company that specialises in providing comprehensive solutions for online learning for Education and Training.

The digital revolution has allowed us to develop techno-pedagogical transformation programs for educational institutions and teacher training and coaching programs; it has motivated employability through intensive training in digital materials and has aided progress towards new training modalities that support talent growth and enhancement in organisations.

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ProFuturo and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals Fund (SDGF) have joined together to promote quality digital education in developing countries. César Alierta leads this field of work as the Global Advisor for the SDG Fund for Digital Education and Sustainable Development of the United Nations.

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