“Among the difficulties hides the opportunity”

Albert Einstein

Our 2018 Milestones

New record of CUSTOMER satisfaction and sustainable growth


53 million euros contributed to GDP, almost 0.5% of wealth

600.000 people connected in remote areas with INTERNET for all

We create 9,7 JOBS for each person we hire

We meet our ENERGY and EMISSIONS targets 2015 - 2020

Commitment to digital disconnection with our EMPLOYEES

We award 80% of our purchases to local SUPPLIERS

We have issued our first GREEN BOND to improve energy efficiency

Our Goals

Increase customer and SOCIETY confidence (NPS)

Continue to increase revenues, OIBDA and operating cash flow

Continue to offer an attractive DIVIDEND

Turn our EMPLOYEES into company ambassadors

Transforming the EDUCATION of 10 million children by 2020

Incorporate 25,000 YOUNG PEOPLE up until 2021

Increase the number of EXECUTIVE WOMEN to 30% by 2020

Reduce our direct EMISSIONS by 50% and be 100% RENEWABLE by 2030

Promote SERVICES to avoid 10 tons of CO2 per 1 emitted in 2025