Sustainable innovation

At Telefónica, we promote innovation-based solutions that address global social and environmental challenges (identified in the Sustainable Development Goals) while also guaranteeing a profitable economic model to ensure its future viability.


Our goal is for this innovation to be fully integrated into the processes and life cycle of the solutions we offer, as an intrinsic part of our innovation model.

To advance, we work in these lines of action:

  • Internal sensitization, to incorporate criteria of sustainability in all the processes and solutions that we develop. To this end, activities have been developed to raise awareness among our employees about the SDGs and the potential of innovation as a vehicle for addressing global challenges.
  • Investment in technological solutions with a social/environmental impact through different tools, among which we should highlight the "Sustainable Innovation Initiative", a project that selects innovative and disruptive ideas submitted by employees, suppliers or "start-ups" that seek to contribute mainly to the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Collaboration and partnerships with public-private bodies that allows us to multiply the impact and scope of the actions carried out. We have worked in collaboration with agencies, universities and public administrations in initiatives that help to drive innovation and technology to address the SDGs.
  • Measuring the social/environmental impact of the sustainable innovation projects that are executed to ensure proper monitoring of the efforts to comply with the SDGs.



Telefónica's In_Prendedores programs already incorporate sustainable innovation challenges


What we want to achieve sustainable innovation

Connecting everyone

We lead projects to bring communications services to all areas - including remote and difficult access environments - in an efficient and sustainable way, with new technologies or business models.

Protecting the planet

We have solutions based on IoT and Big Data to optimize the use of natural resources, help curb climate change and protect ecosystems and biodiversity.

Developing sustainable societies

We drive smart cities solutions, collaborative economy, open government, smart mobility, health ... to achieve a more humane development and better quality of life.

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