Electromagnetic Fields: What the experts say

  • Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (Japan) / September 2016

    In 1997, the MPT [Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications] decided to organize the Committee to Promote Research on the Possible Biological Effects of EMFs (CPR-EMF) in order to organize a national research program to consolidate the scientific basis for the RRPG [Radio Radiation Protection Guideline). This year a paper has been published which summaries the review work of this Committee. The main conclusion after analysis of Human, Epidemiology, Animals and In Vitro studies is: 

    " The results of these studies consistently showed no hazardous effect of RF-EMF within the exposure levels of internationally accepted guidelines..."

  • The French Health Authority (ANSES) / June 2016

    The French Health Authority (ANSES) values in a report the scientific literature related to children, the RF EMF exposure and potential health effects.

    In line with what the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and The Health Council of the Netherlands have recently published, it concludes that the weight of scientific evidence does not show evidence of adverse effects from use of mobile phones in children and teenagers.

    > More info:  www.anses.fr


  • Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) / May 2016

    The latest report of the Scientific Council on Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) for the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority includes an overview of how scientific evidence has changed since the reports began in 2002 and finds that the evidence that mobile phones or wireless networks could pose a health risk to humans or the environment has become increasingly weaker.

    However, the Scientific Council notes that some questions have not been answered satisfactorily and thus need more research, so there is a need to continue monitoring and reporting on new scientific findings.

    In regard to the radiofrequency (RF) fields produced by mobile phones the report states:

    “Altogether it provides no or at most little indications for a risk for up to approximately 15 years of mobile phone use. No empirical data are available for longer use; however, cancer rates in Sweden and other countries do not show any increase that might be attributed to the massive mobile phone use that started in the beginning of this century.”

    > More information:  http://www.stralsakerhetsmyndigheten.se/


Scientists do not establish health risks from electromagnetic fields

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