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Connected technologies are fundamental pieces for education, relationships, leisure, and ultimately, for the development of children and youth. Hence the importance of fostering an environment in which minors can use them safely.


To contribute to having a better Internet, Telefónica works on these fronts:

  • Alliances with stakeholders
  • Content blocking
  • The audiovisual environment
  • Products and services
  • Work with providers
  • Education and sensitization

Guaranteeing a more secure Network is a task that we cannot address alone. For this reason, we rely on sectoral allies and civil society. Our collaboration with the following is worth highlighting:


It is important to use the Internet in safe and intelligent manner, avoiding risks


Furthermore, we are part of the Alliance with the GSMA to in the fight against sexual abuse contents to minors, the Coalition of ICT companies (ICT Coalition), and the Alliance to Better Protect Minors Online with the purpose of globally promoting the exchange of good practices and the promotion of concrete actions regarding the proper use of the Internet: provide users with channels for reporting inappropriate contents and technological crimes, as well as useful functionalities (privacy centre, labelling of contents, parental controls, etc.); eliminating child pornography on the Network, and promoting education and awareness in this area.


We block contents with child pornography on the Network following the guidelines and lists of the Internet Watch Foundation


At a local level, we also participate in numerous work groups that promote the responsible and smart use of technology among children. This industry collaboration facilitates the joint search for solutions that require the intervention of the different parts of the value chain for a safer environment in the use of the Internet from all platforms (PCs, tablets, smartphones, etc.), and available for the different types of Internet access (fixed, mobile, wifi…).

While generally not responding to private requests for content removal, we proactively fight against child pornography and for this purpose block such images/content following the guidelines and lists provided by the Internet Watch Foundation. The process followed based on URL lists, which is externally audited, is described here in greater detail:


Use the State Security Bodies and Forces complaint lines to anonymously report child pornography or inappropriate contents on the Internet.

Reporting Child Labour

“Aquí Estoy y Actúo" is a Telefónica program so that all companies can actively collaborate in eradicating child labor.
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