The youngest members of our families are active users of new technologies, and they are much more skilled in their use than their parents. At Telefónica, we offer products, services and tools to both foster correct use and to prevent them from becoming the victims of abuse from ill-intentioned people.




- Internet

Online Protection Pack:

The Zurich Insurance and Telefónica Seguros solution to provide full protection for the whole family: it includes parental protection, vulnerability analysis, online reputation management, digital deletion, alerts, electronic certification and acquisition of evidence.

Movistar Protege (Spain), Qustodio (Perú), Vivo Filhos Online (Brasil)   

Multi-profile and multi-device parental control services that provides a safer online experience for children: blocking pages and limiting navigation by time slots, panic button and geolocation, application control, call blocking, review of social networks and contents that are shared.

Multi-device Security: Movistar Family Protection (Mexico) and Escudo Movistar (Argentina, Colombia, Nicaragua and Uruguay)   

Security solutions for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) that presents a great variety of functionalities: antivirus, anti-theft, navigation protection and banking protection, in addition to a parental control service.

Parental Control (UK)

Parental control service that helps parents to protect children online. The tool, among other functions, allows us to select the websites that we consider appropriate for children, thus avoiding access to any other harmful content.

Smart Privial (Spain):

This application has been developed by Pantallas Amigas with the support of and the collaboration of Telefonica and the Spanish operators.
SmartPrivial is an educational app game with the purpose of providing information and raising awareness about the importance of managing the privacy and the security on the Internet and connected devices. It can be played by the whole family up to four players. It is now free available for Android mobile devices and soon it will be also available for IOS.


- Television

At Telefónica, we offer digital/satellite television which does not have contents for adults in open broadcast. In addition, by means of a parental PIN, any actions which imply a payment are blocked, such as the purchase of films or series from the video club. Moreover, you can access specific films for children.