From Zaragoza to Newark: cleaning the air with Big Data

Did you know that we’re travelling around the world with our Smart Steps platform and the LUCA Transit solution in order to understand how citizens and their vehicles move? With this information, City Councils will be able to plan traffic more analytically and promote public transportation or other mobility systems to achieve a more rational use of resources and energy. This implies less traffic jams and CO2 emissions, and therefore cleaner air for everyone.

With LUCA Transit we’ve been able to design the new passenger public transportation system and new Smart Metrobus of the Municipality of Neuquén, the most densely populated area in the Argentinian Patagonia. This solution has also been very useful in Newark, “the city of bricks”, located in the State of New Jersey. With the information we provided they established a calendar for improving the local transportation network.

As innovative leaders in urban planning and public transportation analysis in Spain, the Zaragoza transportation consortium has also used LUCA data to create matrices to will help them to determine the demand for transportation in the city, as well as the demographic trends of its target audience.

In addition, we worked with Highways England (Carreteras Inglaterra) which manages England’shighways to transform their data strategy, switching from traditional (and often lengthy and costly) data collection to using mobile data, converting the network with 4 billion events created each day by O2 customers into valuable insights for infrastructure planning.

The data has also served to measure the traffic and pollution flows generated by vehicles in the city of Nuremberg in Germany. This initiative, lead by our Telefónica NEXT subsidiary, won an “Award for Excellence” for its innovative nature.


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Lourdes Tejedor / @madrid2day

Lourdes Tejedor / @madrid2day

Community Manager y Editora. Telefónica S.A.