Corporate Social Responsibility Newsletter (29th of December 2014)



This week, we want to share with you our last post with a resume of the United Nations My World survey results. More than 7 million voices have already spoken!

In addition, our team takes this opportunity to wish you a happy new year!


Sustainability of urban areas is a vital issue, given that by 2050, 70% of the world’s population will live in them, and they currently emit 71% of greenhouse gases and account for between 60% and 80% of global energy consumption. ICT can provide solutions to make them more efficient through smart cities initiatives.

At Telefónica, we offer solutions to the challenges of these smart cities. What sets us apart is our cross-cutting, technological platform which is open to development and integration with other companies’ applications.

Here you can find the commitments and positioning of Telefónica in this field:


CES International 2015 - @intlces (6th -9th January, Las Vegas, NV)

Sustainability week 2015 - @masdar (17th-24th of January, Abu Dhabi)

The internet of things: policy and technology priorities (27th January, London)

EmTech Singapore 2015 - @EmTechSingapore (27th-28th January, Singapore, China)

Energy from Waste 2015 - @EFWLondon (25th-26th February, London)


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