Corporate Social Responsibility Newsletter (15th of December 2014)


We are glad to inform you that from this week we launch a fortnightly newsletter in English where you can find different articles, events and interesting reports about topics like CSR, social innovation, big data, climate change or entrepreneurship, among others. We hope all the topics are for your interest.


The digital environment has opened up a world of possibilities to teach and learn, more in tune with the new habits of students who are now permanently connected.

This, together with the need to tackle academic failure and to improve employability and the efficiency of the education system, require the modernization of the model. ICTs are at the heart of this transformation and Telefónica is a strategic ally to advance in the process of change in education.

Know the commitments and positioning of Telefónica in this field:


Digital learning round table – @DigitalAgendaEU (16th of December, Luxembourg)

Workshop on Internet of Things. A deeper dive – @DigitalAgendaEU (16th of December, Brussels)

4th CSR & Sustainability Meetup in Dubai: Employees Engagement: Improve Productivity, Performance and Culture - @Meetup (16th of December, Dubai)

Improving Integrated Reporting: New Methods and Technology - @Workiva (16th of December, Webinar)

Horizon 2020 Calls Info Day: Low Power Computing, Internet of Things and platforms for smart objects, ICT in Factories of the Future – @DigitalAgendaEU (17th of December, Brussels)

UK Digital Summit on Policy and Business for Smart Society - @DigiCatapult (17th of December, London)


Big Data for Social Good: Opportunities and Challenges - @RcySost

Be Lean: How the big corporates can learn from startups - @telefonicaid

Telefónica joins child protection efforts through an agreement between GSMA and Child Helpline International - @RcySost

What to Expect at the UN Climate Talks in Peru - @EdwardJCameron & @bsrnews

Meet the winners of the Energy Efficiency Challenge! - @RcySost

Health data: the key to disease prevention or a privacy intrusion? @guardian

United Nations debates new goals for making world a better place - @smh

Disruptive Leadership: The Key To Engaged Workers - @forbes

Big Data + Smart Tech: An Elixir for a Sustainable Future? - @SustainBrands


We the Peoples: Celebrating 7 Million Voices - @myworld2015

Joint ventures on the rise – @McKinsey

State of Corporate Citizenship 2014 - @BCCCC

2014 global risk survey (Reputation@Risk) – @deloitte

BSR Report 2013-14 | Transparency & Transformation – @BSRnews



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