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A level playing field is needed to enable fair competition and equal opportunity across the Internet value chain and to ensure the same level of security and protection for all users.

Improving user experience

Everyone should expect a better and safer Internet experience. Users want to enjoy the same rights when accessing similar services based on different technologies, provided by different providers, even from different geographies. They do not often understand that their privacy, security, and protection of their information are dependent on these factors.

A ‘same service, sames rules’ approach would benefit citizens and consumers as well as the digital economy. It would increase trust in digital environments, which translates into greater adoption and more intensive use of digital services.


Equal opportunities for all market agents

Regulation should recognize the competition between organisations and services that have traditionally operated in distinct markets. This would help to ensure equal treatment and balanced competition. The same services should be governed by the same rules, regardless of the underlying technologies.

Establishing a level playing field for everybody can make additional regulation unnecessary. Policy makers must recognize increased competition in  digital markets and so reduce the amount and use of ex ante regulation. Instead, they should focus on evidence-based policy, proceeding a posteriori where there is anticompetitive behaviour in the market.

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