To give people control over their personal data we should apply greater transparency about how data is collected and used is a prerequisite for control. Clear differentiation between editorial and advertising content is also an important aspect of transparency.



    Transparency means allowing people to access all the information they generate. 

    Advertising on the Internet is a popular business model but users should be empowered to more easily to distinguish between advertising and editorial information online. Further transparecncy should mean being open with people about what data is being collected, when it is collected, and how is it used. People should be offered access to their personal data in a way that is simple and easy to use. Companies should provide tools to manage their data-sharing choices, enabling easy access to their data, ehlping them decide how it is used and highlighting the associated risks and benefits. 

    In that regard, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence represent an opportunity to improve transparency. Companies can use these technologies to build a personal relationship with each individual customer, tailored to their needs and preferences. Those technologies have the potential of providing tools that will allow users to understand their options and make personal choices. 








    The Data Transparency Lab is a community of technologists, researchers, policy makers, and industry representatives working to promote transparency in on-line personal data through research and scientific design.





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