Telefónica presents Aura at OECD Forum

A few years ago the key topic of telecom companies was megabytes, gigabytes and data transmission. Now Digital life is life itself, and the real world and the digital are firmly intertwined - everything we do leaves behind a digital footprint. Now the key issue isn’t the quantity of megabytes and gigabytes, rather the information and insights that the data can provide.

At Telefónica we have developed Aura, our cognitive intelligence platform, which aims to change our clients' relationship with their data, enriching our customers’ lives and benefiting society.

Aura is designed to give them the maximum transparency and control of their data and to let them use it for their benefit. Telefónica's relationship with our customers, must be based on trust. Aura’s cognitive intelligence helps our customers make better decisions, and to intuitively monitor what data is being generated, how they benefit, and to pause, restart, or delete the data.



While data insights have amazing potential to benefit society there is a risk – people don’t trust organisations with their data. When asked about how companies, governments and other organizations use their data, only 3% were unconcerned, and 70% admitted to not knowing how it was being used. 

Aura addresses these risks by providing customers with three key powers:

  1. Simply talk to technology to get things done.
  2. Full transparency and simple control over how your data is used.
  3. Secure connections to trusted partners to put your data to work for you.

Data and insights only have value when they are put to work and shared. Insights can enrich our customers’ lives, deliver business improvements, or societal benefits. At Telefónica we believe that for our customers should benefit from the data they generate. They should be the ones who decide at each moment how their data is used.

For our 350 million customers, Aura will help them to personalise Telefónica or third party services, to provide them with security and peace of mind, or to earn or save money - all powered by their data.

Third party examples include customers receiving safety alerts from Facebook "Safety Check" even when they are not using Facebook. They can save money on car insurance using movement data derived from their smartphones, or help NGOs deal with natural disasters by contributing their data anonymously. We will be adding 100s more examples over time, enhancing Telefónica services or those provided through trusted partners.

In conclusion, providing transparency and control over their data is clearly the right thing to do for our customers, but also something that new privacy regulations require. Aura enables and goes beyond simple regulatory compliance, and empowers customers with improved experiences and increased value. It rewards them for engaging, and deepening their relationship with us and our partners, while giving them more reasons to stay loyal and to recommend Telefónica to friends and family.



Lourdes Tejedor / @madrid2day

John Foster

Strategy Director at Telefónica