Mobile Data Use Bundles – Size Matters

After the recent news about Microsoft 7 phones using up users’ data bundles without permission, I found this rather interesting piece about the amount of data used up by advertising. It points out that, with the new data tariffs being introduced with usage caps, advertising could make up a large part of that, and could in the future need to be separated out from the data bundle, and offered bby the operator or financed by advertisers.


In a world of ever increasing demands made on mobile networks and tiered pricing, content providers are getting the idea that they also have a role to play in efficient use – video compression techniques have come far, but they will probably need to compress even more if customers want to continue streaming in the way they have shown over the last year or two – Youtube announced that 3 times as many videos were watched in 2010 on their site than in 2009.


How would you tackle the growing data wave? Are customers expected to take on the cost of all that they download? Are there other ways of charging for mobile broadband which better reflect the costs? How should content providers be encouraged to be more data-efficient?