Telefónica launches Telefónica OPEN FUTURE_

As we discussed in a previous case study, in recent years Telefónica has developed various initiatives (Think Big, Talentum, Wayra, Amérigo and Telefónica Ventures Capital) to motivate technological and innovative entrepreneurial spirit, which have achieved widespread success and impact. 

Now, Telefónica is going one step further and wants to share its strategy and model with its partners.  To do so, it has launched Telefónica OPEN FUTURE_, a program that integrates all the group’s OPEN INNOVATION, ENTERPRISE and TRANSFORMATION initiatives, giving strategic partners the opportunity to develop together with each other specific programs that support entrepreneurship.

In addition to these projects already in place, OPEN FUTURE_ incorporates two new tools: The OPEN FUTURE_ PLATFORM and the Red de centros de CROWDWORKING [CROWDWORKING centres Network].

The OPEN FUTURE_ PLATFORM is an accelerator on the cloud, open and global, where all the Telefónica initiatives and resources are present and within entrepreneur’s reach.  The platform functions as a talent motiving tool, creating a global community of entrepreneurs.

The platform is designed to function through the challenge model. The way these challenges work is based on the idea that a public or private institution will launch challenges with different characteristics, adjusted to their needs and priorities, and which help them to propose solutions for them.

The CROWDWORKING centres Network will be a network associated with our Wayra academies and our Amérigo funds, which will be collaborative workspaces for young entrepreneurs, shared among out partners, where activities connected the Telefónica enterprise network will be carried out, and where resources and networking will be within reach of the entrepreneurs.

Through Wayra, Telefónica Ventures and Amérigo, the three technological investment tools integrated with the program, Telefónica Open Future is committed to investing 300 million euros and a list of 500 companies. The program operates in 17 countries and has more than 60 partners around the world.

Telefónica has strong convictions that technological innovation and fostering talent together are the best weapon for economic growth and employment in all markets. All agents operating in the market will benefit from this growth.

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