Technovation Programaê has become the largest international technology and entrepreneurship competition for girls.


Technovation Programaê, having reached the record number of 1,867 registrations, has become the largest competition in the world that focuses on transforming girls into entrepreneurs.

The Technovation Programaê contest, result of an agreement between Fundación Telefónica Vivo and the  Lemann Foundation in Brazil, encourages technological entrepreneurship in 10-18 year-old girls with the goal of closing the current gap between men and women in the programming field.

Specifically, Technovation Programaê intends to inspire women and girls to solve real problems through technology use. The mechanics of the program are as follows: candidates present an expository video about their developed mobile application and a business plan to launch the app on the market. The projects are analysed by the Brazilian committee, which then selects those few who will represent the country in the world finals, celebrated in Silicon Valley.  The winning team receives ten thousand dollars in funding to launch the product onto the market.

Women are the greatest consumers of technology, but they do not participate in its creation. However, the interest this competition has inspired in youth shows that every day women are seeking to break the stereotype that associates technology with the male domain.

Telefónica considers it necessary to foster the digital abilities of a population so that all societies receive the benefits of the digital economy. In addition, programming is powerful tool, with great impact, capable of solving problems, both those of day-to-day life and complex global problems.