Tappx: an open community of app developers that offers free advertising.

Tappx is a new cross promotion platform where members can exchange publicity and advertise their apps free of charge.

Incubated in the Wayra Academia in Barcelona and launched only months ago, Tappx has become the largest open cross promotion community in the world, with more than 800 registered developers exchanging more than 30 million advertising copies, reaching more than 500,000 users worldwide.

Origin of Tappx

The members of this start-up sensed that the majority of current mobile apps (more than two million) have problems gaining visibility and downloads, yet when they try to solve this issue by adding advertising to generate income, the revenue ends up being much less than the costs of advertising their apps.  That is why they created Tappx, a platform that offers a free and equal app advertising system, used by both small developers and important development studies by international apps, so achieving an effective and completely free advertising “trade”.

An open platform

Additionally, one of the most important advantages of Tappx is that it is an open platform, not only compatible with principal operating systems (iOS, Android, and Firefox), but also with multiple developer brands such as Unity, Cocos2D, Titanium, PhoneGap, and AdobeAir.