Fishing with 3G networks

Fishing with 3G networks is a project that was launched in 2010 to promoted economic and social development in the city of Santa Cruz Cabrália in the South of Bahía, Brazil, through digital and social inclusion  of fisherman and oyster farmers.

With Fishing with 3G networks the fisherman can:

• Real-time information access regarding fishing conditions and market prices.

• Obtain information regarding navigation, climate, marketing, direct sales and technical support.

• Obtain training and education on the use of new technologies.

• Gain access to data, images and videos about the Fishing with 3G networks project; information about the community, restaurants that are connected to the project, tourist information, and a game for creating socio-environmental awareness.

• Access instructions regarding oyster cultivation as a sustainable alternative to traditional fishing during the low season.

• Access training courses to create localised digital content and unique mobile applications.

as a result, the fishermen have seen an increase in their income, and have improved their commercialisation efficiency.  In total, approximately 60 fishermen from 7 communities have directly benefited from this project and indirectly, more than 750 community members and local businesses.

With projects like this, Telefónica puts new technological tools at the service of populations at risk of exclusion, for them to access knowledge and, at the same time, create new sustainable business opportunities that promote economic and social development in Brazil.

Among the recognitions this project has received, it was the third place winner of the FBB award for Social Technology and the OI screen Viva Móvil award.