Movistar joins Napster to sell streaming music.

In a previous case study we announced that Telefónica had reached an agreement with Rhapsody, through which Telefónica would provide access to 20 million Rhapsody songs to their clients in Germany and Latin America..

Last week Telefónica announced to its postpaid customers in Costa Rica the possibility to hire a music streaming service with Napster, the legendary platform that 14 years ago allowed millions of users to exchange MP3 songs without restriction, and which now forms part of Rhapsody.

Upon registration, the user can connect to the application from three different devices and can store songs on the platform cloud to listen to them when not connected to the Internet.  At the same time it offers the option to integrate with social networks and create song lists. Additionally, people who hire this service through their phone line will receive a free month subscription. The Napster application is available in the stores of various operating systems: Android, iOS, Windows Phone y BlackBerry.

As part of Rhapsody International, Napster and Rhapsody today have more than 2.5 million subscribers, which represents 60% growth in respect to 2013.