The Internet of Things: Telefónica and Telepizza launch Click&Pizza

Through Telefónica I+D, Telefónica is developing services based on the Internet of Things, of which the most recent is Click&Pizza. Developed with Telepizza, this service consists of an independent button with a battery that when pressed will send you your favourite order.

Click&Pizza, the size and shape of a refrigerator magnet works in the following way:

• The client must register on the Telepizza website and add a favourite delivery order to then add it to the Click & Pizza rapid order service.

• The client pushes the button, which lights up a green LED light blinking behind the silhouette of a pizza and the client’s favourite order is generated

• After a moment, the LED stops blinking and the client receives an SMS confirmation message on their mobile

• If the client does not push the button again, which would cancel the order and the LED light would turn red as confirmation, then in half and hour the doorbell will ring and the delivery person will be there with your pizza.

Currently, the Click&Pizza service is not only available with the button but is also offered via Twitter and Pebble.

In the case of Twitter, the client only has to complete the two following steps:

  • Login to your account
  • Link your Twitter user and choose your Click&Pizza order
  • Request your order sending a tweet to @telepizza_es with the #lodesiempre hashtag.

In the case of Pebble, the client must do the following:

  • Download the Telepizza app in My Pebble Faces
  • Choose your order and link your account
  • Complete your order from your Pebble with only one click

With Click&Pizza, Telepizza and Telefónica combine their abilities in support of technological innovation adapted to the Internet of Things that gives a practical and flexible answer to new trends in consumption and social habits. Additionally, Click&Pizza is an example of Telefónica’s strategic support for the Internet of Things and M2M, a growing sector which stands out in forecasts by the main technological consultancy firms, which anticipate that its activity will grow at a rate above 2,400% until 2020.