The importance of data security: Telefónica Vivo launches CyberSecurity

To protect companies from the risks of the growing sophistication of virtual crime, the information security market is beginning to focus on preventative action, which is gaining prominence more and more.

Some time ago Telefónica Vivo invested in complete security solutions for the corporate sector, but only weeks have passed since Telefónica Vivo launched CyberSecurity, an intelligence service that prioritises prevention through the study, detection, and analysis of cyber threats.

The service is based on using multiple information sources and data enrichment through specific tools: all of this integrated into a platform in a real-time Big Data setting.

Specifically, Cybersecurity advantages include:

• security when purchasing on the Internet

• Detection of malware programmed to steal employee and client credentials

• early verification of brand reputation attacks

• advance detection of compromised credit cards or improved perception of security on the part of clients

CyberSecurity also fulfils a prominent and efficient role in the detection and anticipation of measures to face up against hackers, suspicious mobile applications, security control vulnerabilities, or credentials theft, among other digital threats that compromise company data security.

With the purpose of always seeking out innovative solutions, in June of 2015, Telefónica acquired Security64, now called ElevenPaths, a company specialised in information security. The ElevenPaths products- Faast, Metashield, and Latch- stand out as innovative and pioneering products in the global market.

CyberSecurity and the rest of our security solutions are framed within the Telefónica strategy to make users digital life a safer life.