Attending to the needs of a mobile population: Telefónica’s educational services in Brazil.

A pioneer in the digital education services sector, today Vivo (Telefónica’s commercial brand in Brazil) has over 6 million active users of  Vivo Educação Móvel, their platform for training and knowledge products. 

In 2009, Vivo launched their first mobile language course, Kantoo. Since then, Vivo has not stopped offering educational services through mobile phones, such as Nube de Libros or Vivo Portugués, with professor Pasquale.

Kantoo, a service exclusive to Vivo, already offers Spanish, French, and English courses on mobile phones, and Italian on tablets. A Mandarin Chinese course will soon be offered as well. Vivo offers Kantoo Completo, a multi-platform service (mobile, Tablet, and laptop computer) where users can find different levels of English and segmented courses for either tourism or business.

Another product that has experienced great success is the Nube de Libros, an online library with more than 1.4 million subscribers and 13,000 titles, between books and audio books, that offers services like Vivo Reflexiones, with Paulo Coelho, or Vivo Saludable, with Drauzio Varella. Additionally, alongside Abril Educación, Nube de Libros offers more than 50 courses with the Edumobi firm, which last from three to 17 weeks. The audience requesting these courses, in general, are people wanting to specialise themselves to improve their professional career, looking to relocate within the job market, or seeking their first job.

Recently, Vivo signed an agreement with Coursera, with which the more than 1,000 esteemed university courses from around the world will be added to the 50 courses already offered by Vivo Educação Móvel.  Coursera has 550,000 users in Brazil and 14 million worldwide.

For Telefónica Vivo, mobile-accessed (or multi-platform) educational products and services address the needs of a population that is seeking greater knowledge without renouncing mobility, because they can be used at any moment and in any place for an accessible price.