A coalition to make the Internet a better place for kids

At the end of 2011, European Commission Vice-President Kroes invited the CEOs of 31 of the top technology companies operating in Europe to join her in a coalition to make the Internet a better, and safer, place for kids.

All these CEOs committed to a plan to deliver tangible results focused on five areas:

  • Simple and robust reporting tools for users.
  • Age appropriate privacy settings.
  • Wider Use of Content Classifi cation.
  • Wider Availability and use of parental controls.
  • Effective takedown of child abuse material.

Due to the wide participation of many different companies, and the helpful dialogue and cooperation with NGOs during the process, many things have been achieved. Telefónica has translated these statements into an internal policy, “Better Internet for Children” which contains tangible measures aligned with the CEO Coalition commitments. This policy is being implemented across its businesses both in its European and Latin American markets. Beyond the five CEO statements, Telefónica’s policy also includes “education” as a key pillar to prevent potential risks and promote the better use of ICT by children.