“Vivo Matemática”: another example of how ICTs improve education

In this section (The open agenda to our digital future) we have included other examples of how ICTs are capable of improving education (Think Big School and Mati-Tec). Now it is Telefónica Vivo’s (our commercial brand in Brazil) turn, which has just launched onto the market “Vivo Matemática”, an exclusive service through which the client has access to maths knowledge on their mobile.  

This new service offers multi-platform content via the mobile teaching network Abril Educação and Edumobi, and is available through SMS, voice portal, video, or mobile site.

The service’s professor selection was done through a public competition called “The best Maths professor in Brazil”, also promoted by Vivo, in collaboration with Abril Educação, Edumobi, O Reverso, Fundación Fundación and the Fundación Victor Civita. 

The idea for a maths course for all the users in an entire country – the Vivo network has a presence in 3,765 towns and the course can be taken from even the simplest devices – has huge potential to improve learning in this discipline (Brazil is among the countries with the worst rate for mathematical problem solving).

“Vivo Matemática” has close to 70 courses offered on the Vivo Educación Móvil platform, and already has 5.6 million active clients, through a wide content offer for the most diverse public. This initiative is framed within the company’s goal to advance towards a Digital Telco.