• Loon and Internet para todos sign c...

    Loon and Internet para todos sign contract to bring balloon-powered Internet to Telefónica customers in Perú

    Loon and Internet para Todos Perú (IpT) have reached an agreement to use high-altitude balloons to expand mobile internet access to parts of the Peruvian Amazonia. The companies aim to provide service to Telefónica customers in Peru in 2020. Loon is a subsidiary of Alphabet, the parent company of Google. IpT Perú is an open access wholesale rural mobile infrastructure operator owned by Telefónica, Facebook, IDB Invest and CAF which aims to help bridge the digital divide bringing mobile internet to remote populations where conventional telecom infrastructure deployment is not yet economically feasible.

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  • Telefónica presents new solutions w...

    Telefónica presents new solutions with artificial intelligence for the corporate segment

    Telefónica presents today new Big Data & Artificial Intellegence (AI) based products and services for the corporate segment in its third edition of the LUCA Innovation Day, its data and AI unit for the corporate sector. Under the slogan "Artificial is Natural", Telefónica brings together a large number of companies and public and private organisations at its headquarters in Madrid to demonstrate how Big Data and AI help to improve operational efficiency and increase revenue thanks to the new user experiences that these technologies can create.

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