• Telefónica I+D unveils new smart bu...

    Telefónica I+D unveils new smart buttons with SEUR and Cabify

    - These devices are 100% independent with integrated, global SIMs, meaning they can operate anywhere worldwide. - Telefónica I+D, a market pioneer in the development of smart buttons, has based the buttons on Thinking Things Open, a platform that allows connected objects to be quickly created and complete ecosystems to be deployed in very little time. - The buttons introduce the click&go concept meaning the user only has to press the button once to get the service. - SEUR is introducing OneClick - an automatic button which, when pressed, will activate a collection delivery service. - Cabify offers a button to request a vehicle and print the receipt with the name and number of the driver on it.

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  • Telefónica closes the acquisition o...

    Telefónica closes the acquisition of GVT and becomes the leading Brazilian integrated operator

    - The new Telefónica Brasil—the company resulting from the integration with GVT—becomes the country's largest integrated telecommunications company, both in terms of accesses and of revenue. - The transaction had already been strongly backed by shareholders, both at Telefónica Brasil and at the parent company (Telefónica S.A.), as proven by the success of the 16,107 million BRL and 3,048 million euros, respectively, in capital increases, both of them connected to financing the acquisition of GVT. - Telefónica Brasil's Board of Directors and Shareholders' Meeting both approved the proposal of appointing Amos Genish as the company's new Executive Chairman to lead the integration process.

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  • Telefónica starts the quintuple-pla...

    Telefónica starts the quintuple-play era in Spain with the launch of “Movistar Verisure Hogar”

    - Available exclusively for Movistar customers from 17 June onwards, for 16 euros per month for the service fee and 9 euros for the equipment rental - The service is managed from a smartphone via an application downloaded by the user and, in principle, it will be available for iOS and Android - Movistar VeriSure Hogar provides a 24-hour, 365-day emergency service (run by VERISURE), access control and video cameras with remote recording - These services are possible using Movistar

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  • Telefónica, the Universitat Politèc...

    Telefónica, the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and the Quirón Teknon Hospital present the first “holter” for Parkinson''s Disease

    - The holter monitor for Parkinson's disease, derived from the REMPARK system, will revolutionise diagnostics and self-management of this disease through objective, accurate and non-invasive monitoring of motor-function symptoms associated with Parkinson's disease. - A sensor gathers information on the patient's motor symptoms at all times, with an effectiveness rate of 87% in identifying the presence of motor skills and of 100% in identifying the lack thereof. - A telematics system remotely transmits the patient's state to their specialist physician, who can then assess the effect of each therapeutic action and verify whether symptoms are changing. - A smartphone can be configured to automatically emit rhythmic acoustic signals when it detects based on the data received from the sensor that the patient's walking pace is growing slower or a Freezing of Gait (temporary and involuntary inability to move) occurs. These sounds can help patients regain their pace and inhibit loss of gait. - The validation of this technology opens up new possibilities in the follow-up, diagnosis, treatment and management of this disease.

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  • NEC becomes Telefónica’s global int...

    NEC becomes Telefónica’s global integrator for SMB cloud services

    Telefónica will rely on NEC for the management, deployment, operation and support of its Software as a Service platforms and services. - NEC and its Cloud Competency Centre in Madrid consolidates itself as an integrator of cloud services and one of Telefónica's most important suppliers. - NEC will also deploy its new NCBS platform (NEC Cloud Brokerage Suite) at Telefónica's operations in Latin America.

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  • Telefónica NFV reference lab releas...

    Telefónica NFV reference lab releases OpenMANO NFV orchestration stack

    - Currently, OpenMANO provides a highly functional framework pioneering the first open source NFV Orchestration and Management stack - The orchestration stack provided to the community has been a key component of Telefónica’s NFV Reference Lab for over a year, and will keep its continuous functional evolution now in the open community

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  • Telefónica I+D and KT join forces t...

    Telefónica I+D and KT join forces to consolidate FIWARE as the IoT standard

    - In the context of the Mobile World Congress, Telefónica I+D and the Korean operator KT have today announced a strategic partnership to promote the adoption of FIWARE technologies in order to accelerate the definition of standards in the development of applications connected to the Internet of Things. - As a first step, KT and Telefónica I+D are leading a project within the GSMA that aims to create a common ecosystem for the exchange of contextual data that can integrate data from connected objects. - Both companies will collaborate in supporting activities in the free software community that will be created with the goal of maintaining and evolving FIWARE technologies.

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