Movistar Prosegur Alarms launches ContiGo, a personal emergency assistance service for emergencies outside the home

  • ContiGo has two features: the SOS Button, which customers can activate if they need help in case of threat, and Countdown, which offers the peace of mind of always being reach your destination while under full protection.
  • The ContiGo service is free of charge for the first six months. After this period, it costs 3 euros (VAT included) per user with no limit on the number of authorized users.

Madrid, 2 October 2020.- Movistar Prosegur Alarms, the joint venture of Telefonica and Prosegur, launches the out-of-home protection service, ContiGo. With this new functionality, manageable from the Smart application, users will be protected whenever and wherever they need it.

According to Ignacio Aller, sales director of Movistar Prosegur Alarms: "With the launch of ContiGo, we continue adding to our top technology and security capabilities. Our business is to offer high quality services that set us apart in the Spanish alarm sector. The confidence we have in the proposals we make our customer is reflected by the fact that we are the only company that offers its services at no sign-up cost, no permanence requirement and absolute transparency in our prices. We will continue to put the customer the centre of everything that we do”.

ContiGo has two features. The first is the SOS Button that the customer can activate when away from home if they need help in a situation of threat, risk or emergency. The second is the Countdown, which offers the peace of mind of always being reach your destination while under full protection.

ContiGo SOS Button: in a dangerous situation, the user presses the ContiGo SOS Button and immediately, from the Alarm Reception Centre (ARC), the emergency protocol is activated. This procedure consists of recording a video and audio clip from the moment the client presses the button. In addition, an ARC operator will contact the user to confirm the alarm. In the event that communication with the client cannot be established, the ARC will notify the emergency services (112) and family members who have been previously designated as contact persons. If the SOS Button is activated by mistake, the user can enter a deactivation code.

Countdown ContiGo: The Countdown service provides greater security on trips outside the home. To start the Countdown service from the Movistar Prosegur Alarms application, the user indicates his destination and a time of arrival. In the ARC, the user's geolocation is activated and the progression of his route is checked. Once the time marked by the user has elapsed or if the user has reached his destination, he must enter the deactivation code to end the countdown. If you have not confirmed your arrival at the destination, the ARC activates the emergency protocol similar to the SOS Button.

There is a wide variety of use cases with ContiGo. In any situation where the user may feel unsafe, such as going out at night and returning home through areas with few people or little light. It is suitable for both older and younger people, if they leave the house unaccompanied. The Countdown service is also a great help for people who do outdoor sports such as running, cycling or hiking.

The ContiGo service is free of charge for the first six months, both for existing customers and for new registrations. After this period, it costs 3 euros (including VAT) per user, with no limit on the number of authorised users who can use ContiGo.

About Movistar Prosegur Alarms

Movistar Prosegur Alarms is the joint venture created by Telefonica and Prosegur to lead the development and growth of the alarm sector in Spain. The company's goal is to transform security services for homes and businesses by combining the capabilities of Prosegur, in security, and Telefonica, in digital. Movistar Prosegur Alarms began operations in March 2020.

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