Diversity as a lever for creating value in Telefónica

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Diversity is an essential component for the growth, innovation, and sustainability of companies. Companies that have diversity programs have demonstrated that they are able to attract and keep the best talent in their workforce, and provide more creative and innovative business solutions.

That's why we are committed to diversity and inclusion in Telefónica. For this reason, and because with over 120,000 employees and 350 million customers, we have the capacity and responsibility to act as agents of change in society in favour of non-discrimination respect for each person.

A diverse Telefónica is an organization that promotes the inclusion of different cultures, genders, sexual orientations, generations, skills, and capacities. In which employees dare to express ourselves as we are. In which we ensure an environment where everyone is respected and valued. In which we feel comfortable with the differences and value talent above all else. It is, in short, an organization in which empathy helps us to work as a team, to be more creative, and to connect with our customers, also diverse.


"No one is alike. Neither better nor worse. They are someone else. And if two are in agreement, it is because of a misunderstanding" Jean Paul Sartre


This is why we promote initiatives and projects that allow us to incorporate this vision of diversity as an essential part of our internal culture.

An example in the specific area of LGBTI diversity is our recent commitment to UN "Standards of Conduct for Business" to guarantee an inclusive work environment. In addition, regarding the International LGBTI Pride Day which is celebrated on 28 June, we have organized different activities in our offices to reflect on the main challenges and opportunities the group is facing in the workplace. You can consult the international agenda in the following map.


Arancha Díaz-Lladó,
Diversity director at Telefónica


Access the 2019 initiatives here



Map with the global agenda LGBTI of Telefónica