Bizkaia Open Future selects three technological companies for commercial acceleration

Supported by Bizkaia Open Future, the initiative from the Biscayan Provincial Council and Telefónica to advance companies’ digital transformation

  • Keynetic, RKL Integral and Binary Soul will have the opportunity to take part in sales campaigns to gain potential customers in conjunction with Telefónica
  • The Commercial Acceleration Programme from Bizkaia Open Future focuses on consolidating the business projects of technological startups and SMEs in the region

Bilbao 24 January 2019- The new Commercial Acceleration Programme from Bizkaia Open Future, the initiative from the Biscayan Provincial Council and Telefónica, has kicked off with the aim of boosting the growth of the technological startups and SMEs in the province.

Keynetic, RKL Integral and Binary Soul are the first enterprises to be selected to have the opportunity to participate in sales campaigns backed by Telefónica to gain potential customers.

The Commercial Acceleration Programme from Bizkaia Open Future constitutes a distinctive commitment to consolidating the business projects of technological startups and SMEs. Through it, Telefónica will offer the three selected Biscayan companies the chance to approach its customer portfolio from a commercial perspective. The goal is to encourage sales of the technological solutions of the accelerated business among this group of companies and institutions.

In the previous commercial acceleration programme, launched in 2018 as part of the Bizkaia Open Future initiative, the Biscay-based firm Ludus was one of the startups which drew support from the global digital company to hasten its growth; this has enabled it to generate considerable business in the area of virtual reality integrated into training for the industrial and emergency sectors. Two weeks ago, it was announced that Telefónica would invest in its capital with the aim of consolidating the project.


Companies selected

Keynetic, based in Bilbao, is a technological startup engaged in developing and commercialising cyber-security products. Its first product is FlowNAC, an access control solution based on SDN technology, which improves network security. Defining policies based on identification simplifies management and facilitates communication between IT and business, providing a clear, up-to-date vision of all the connected devices.                                                   


RKL Integral was created in Bilbao, the provincial capital, in 2016 with the conviction that there was a need in the security sector for independent, specialist companies which would focus their efforts on analysing risks and guiding all their customers in the world of safety and security (both logical and physical) in a convergent and comprehensive manner.

Binary Soul is a Bilbao-based micro-SME which was founded in 2014 and specialises in tailored software solutions designed to meet the needs of industrial companies in the area of training. As a result of this need, it has developed GTS, a cloud-based gamified training platform.                                              

About Bizkaia Open Future

Bizkaia Open Future is an initiative from Telefónica and the Biscayan Provincial Council which aims to support the industrial sector in its progression through its digital transformation. The digital activities of Bizkaia Open Future are carried out through the platform, the virtual global meeting point from Telefónica Open Future for individuals and entities interested in investing, startups and agents of the ecosystem.

The Bizkaia Open Future initiative is aimed at the business fabric in general and has become the link between new local and international entrepreneurial talent and the firms in the Biscay area, through the open innovation programme where real business challenges targeting digital transformation are set by leading companies and entities in the province.

The Commercial Acceleration Programme aims to boost the business development of technology-based startups and SMEs which have technological solutions that have been launched onto the market or have been validated internally with customers, which dovetail with the Telefónica portfolio and are in line with its commercial strategy but which require acceleration as regards building closer relationships with customers.




Aitziber Diez, head of Communication for the Economic and Territorial Development Department of the Biscayan Provincial Council.

Telephone: 944067822


Rafael Ossa, Communication Officer, Telefónica

Telephone: 944883661



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