Telefónica Open Future’s entrepreneurs will be showcasing AI, IoT, big data and virtual reality solutions that are transforming our daily habits

Telefónica Open Future’s entrepreneurs will be showcasing AI, IoT, big data and virtual reality solutions that are transforming our daily habits

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Startups from Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, LatAm and USA will be present during the 4YFN2018 held in Barcelona from February, 26th to 28th

  • Telefonica´s presence at the 4YFN will be complemented with the 3 panels they are holding, hosting Ferran Adrià, the world´s most famous chef, who shall be speaking about his most unknown role as an entrepreneur and an investor; Chema Alonso, Chief Data Officer of Telefonica , speaking about innovation in the fields of cybersecurity and artificial intelligence; In addition to  representatives from  four of the world´s most important Telco carriers (Orange, Singtel, Deutsche Telekom and Telefónica) to discuss the role of the startups in their business.

Telefonica Open Future_ will be presenting nine of its most prominent startups from Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States, during the latest edition of the 4YFN. They will be conducting demos at the Wayra stand (nº 6), demonstrating how IA, IoT, BigData and Virtual Reality applied to different sectors could potentially change our day-to-day lives.

These startups are:

  •  Airtime Rewards (United Kingdom) is a mobile technology business in the affinity sector and consumer rewards who use AI to enable retailers to incentivize, reward and digitally connect millions of consumers over smartphones. During 4YFN, they will show how users can register and earn rewards when making transactions with retailers.
  • Babooni Technologies (Spain), is a startup that creates IoT-based solutions to improve the life experience of consumers. During the event, they will show how using beacons, you can identify the location of a person with high precision within a determined area. Babooni have already deployed their solutions in a number of Spanish museums, offering them data analytics that enable them to improve their visitors’ experience.
  • Floorfy (Spain), is a all in one Virtual reality solution for the real estate market that allows customers to virtually visit properties from anywhere in the world at any time. A solution which has attracted the attention of a well-known real estate Agency, who has signed up with them 30,000 of their properties.
  • Highbrow (United Kingdom) is a video on-demand platform for children with training content (from 1 to 11 years) that is delivered without advertising, anywhere and at any time. Unlike traditional commercial channels, Highbrow content is strictly focused on teaching new skills in art, crafts, scientific experiments, ballet, piano, etc. During the event, the visitors will be able to see the new features of this platform displayed.
  • Innospot (Germany) is specialized in the structured scouting of startups around the world. They have developed a dedicated tracking and searching technology based on Artificial Intelligence to identify startups that best meet the needs of corporations. They will show case studies of companies that are already using this technology.
  • Rysta (Germany) is an IoT-based company that focuses on the prevention of newly constructed or renovated residential buildings through the use of intelligent sensors and user interaction. On the screens of the stand you can see how the product works through the detectors that provide the information (Rystas), seeing how you can access the information generated in our homes through a smartphone.
  • 3Ants (Spain), a solution that ‘fights’ content piracy detecting and eliminating illegal uses on the Internet through a solution based on Artificial Intelligence. During the event they will show how they are protecting the content of the big film makers from piracy and how they are applying their solution to other big industries, such as publishing, music, and counterfeiting.
  • Synaptiv (United Kingdom), a project that transforms data generated by connected cars for the benefit of users. With the help of advanced Data Science functionalities and IoT devices, Synaptiv helps car manufacturers reduce costs, better understand driver behaviour and create new services. The company collaborates with InMotion Ventures, a subsidiary of Jaguar Land Rover.
  • Tokbox (USA) a technology that helps startups develop more enriching experiences for customers by incorporating live interactive videos on websites and mobile applications. The TokBox live video platform as a Service (PaaS) is secure, highly scalable and easy to use for developers with JavaScript and native mobile SDKs.

#TOF4YFN18 from February, 26th to 28th


Telefónica Stand

Open Future_ (stand 6) during the whole day

Startups demos, professional meetings

Monday: TokBox, Synaptiv, Floorfy,

Tuesday: TokBox, Babooni, Airtime Rewards, Rysta.

Wednesday: Floorfy, 3Ants, Highbrow e Innosport.

In addition to the Startups Telefonica OpenFuture_ will be hosting at their stand, A number of other startups from the Telefonica OpenFuture_ portofolio will be present during the 4YFN in different locations. These startups are: Bigle Legal and Boolino (accelerated by Wayra Spain), CARTO (invested by one of the innovation funds), Pixoneye and SafeToNet (both accelerated by Wayra UK) or Mobijob (Wayra Colombia).

Representing out crowdworking spaces, Nattule, Pet-presso, Missionbox and Rentingfy (from Andalucía Open Future_); Toursnapp and Real 3D Matrix from the space La Cárcel (Segovia Open Future_) and Okeepo, Kpeye and BemyFit, from Cornellà Open Future_, will be present at at the 4YFN and hosting Demos as well.

Pioneering Open Innovation is the motto of a series of activities that Telefonica Open future_ is hosting, which include 3 panels with prominent speakers in the area of entrepreneurship, technology and innovation. More information can be found  HERE.

About Telefónica Open Future_

Telefónica Open Future is Telefonica´s global initiative aimed at connecting Telefonica to entrepreneurs, startups, investors and public and private partners from around the world to capture innovation and business opportunities.  Its objective is to support talent throughout different stages of growth through a comprehensive model for acceleration that is designed to connect talent with organisations, investors and companies. The programme incorporates all of Telefónica Group’s open innovation, entrepreneurship and investment initiatives (Think Big, Talentum, Crowdworking, Wayra and innovation funds) through a global network that is open to participation by external partners who aspire to develop their own entrepreneurial and investment strategies and connect to large corporates. To date, Telefónica Open Future_ has invested in around 800 startups and is present in 16 countries.

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