Innovation has been part of Telefónica's DNA since its beginnings. Almost 100 years later, we want to continue to be pioneers in the digital world and anticipate the future, something that is only possible if we continue to innovate in each of the areas that make up our company.

Over the last year we have experienced an exceptional moment caused by the pandemic. Lockdown has accelerated the digitisation process of society, creating new business opportunities for start-ups. Many of them have had to reinvent themselves, demonstrating their ability to adapt to the present and to the needs of customers.

In this regard, Telefónica has maintained its commitment to support entrepreneurship through the Group's various open innovation initiatives and will be present at 4YFN 2021, the start-up event held in parallel to the MWC.

Coinciding with its tenth anniversary year, Wayra will have its own stand at 4YFN 2021 from 28th of June to 1st of July. A total of 24 start-ups (8 start-ups per day) from the portfolio of Wayra Spain, Wayra UK, Wayra Germany, Wayra Hispam, Wayra X, Wayra Builder and Telefónica Open Future will be present.

In addition, Telefónica's open innovation area participates in more than a dozen panels at 4YFN, distributed among the Sabadell Stage, Agora Stage and Discovery Area. It also has different panels at the MWC, mainly at the company's stand at Fira Gran Vía in Barcelona.

Start-ups at the Wayra stand (Hall 2 2 2G5) at 4YFN:

Monday 28th (09:00 - 14:00)

  • Payflow (Barcelona): this start-up allows company's employees to receive the fraction of their salary already worked at the time of their choice, instead of receiving the complete amount at the end of the month.
  • Ritmo (Barcelona): a start-up that helps entrepreneurs to grow faster by offering them non-dilutive capital.
  • Peoople (Wayra X): app to discover recommendations from friends and favourite influencers on different topics such as books, restaurants, music and all kinds of experiences.
  • Krew (Wayra X): a platform that allows live training with more than 100 daily sessions with fitness and wellness professionals.

Monday 28th (14:00 - 19:00)

  • Suscrip (Wayra X): app for sharing direct debit payments between several people.
  • LanaLabs (Germany): specialised in automated analysis of business and production processes.
  • Reloadly (Madrid): enables cross-border digital mobile payments in emerging markets.
  • Fuell (Madrid): issuer of cards with associated expense management software.

Tuesday 29th (09:00 - 14:00)

  • Hybrico (Hispam): a company that aims to reduce the impact of carbon footprint with its technology through hybrid energy solutions and smart energy storage.
  • Proppos (Barcelona): develops an intelligent and autonomous self-payment system for canteens, cafeterias or fast-food restaurants.
  • YBVR (Madrid): start-up specialised in immersive virtual reality experiences.
  • LUDUS (Barcelona): offers professionals the possibility of practising action protocols in high-risk situations on a regular basis.

Tuesday 29th (14:00 - 19:00)

  • Sceenic (Madrid): this start-up develops white-label software that allows co- watching for different video platforms.
  • Watchity (Barcelona): tool for streaming events.
  • Auravant (Hispam): a platform that helps farmers make data-driven decisions to produce more efficiently and sustainably.
  • Cibersuite (Madrid): telecommunications operator specialised in WiFi installations to cover connectivity needs in public environments.

Wednesday 30th (09:00 - 14:00)

  • Volava (Barcelona): start-up that allows you to enjoy the benefits of a first-class gym at home thanks to its technology.
  • HumanoX (Madrid): start-up that creates connected and intelligent shin guards, capable of processing more than 50,000 pieces of data per training session or match.
  • Mobilus (UK): portable voice platform that connects industrial equipment remotely.
  • iUrban (Madrid): start-up that develops smart city solutions that are quick to implement and sustainable.

Wednesday 30th (14:00 - 19:00)

  • ScaleWork (Germany): helps companies create and effectively integrate customised analytics, data science and machine learning solutions into their daily operations.
  • eStragy (TOF): a web-based platform where players can train their cognitive skills in the eSports environment.
  • Shaadow (Wayra Builder): with its technology, it generates invisible watermarks on confidential documents to prevent leaks.
  • Napptive (TOF): simplifies the process of designing, developing and deploying Cloud Native applications in production.

Activities at 4YFN

*All sessions at 4YFN will be in English.

Start-ups upskilling the workforce in the digital era (and founded by women)

Monday 28th, 15.00-15.30.

Digitalisation is here to stay, and all organisations are being forced to adapt their business and processes, but how can we keep the skills of our teams up to date? How can we help employees develop the skills they need in the digital age?

The answers to these questions will be provided by Marta Antúnez, director of Wayra Barcelona; Ester Cid, CEO of Tipscool; and Monica Chitnis, CEO of Squadra.

This session will be at 4YFN (Discovery Area).

Pure digital products to scale the world

Monday 28th, 15.30-16.00.

In this session we will talk about the investment thesis of Wayra X, Wayra's 100% digital hub that invests in purely digital start-ups aimed at mass markets. We will be joined by Luisa Rubio, head of Wayra X, and entrepreneurs Giorgi Laliashvili, co-founder and CEO of Stack; José Quesada, CEO of Krew.Live; and Lucas Leisner, CEO of Gazoom.

These three start-ups have 100% digital products and are part of the Wayra X portfolio, which helps them to scale quickly in any country in the world.

This session will be at 4YFN (Discovery Area).

Impact Summit 2 - Panel Discussion

Monday 28th, 18.00-18.45

How can we build a more inclusive and sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem? This will be discussed by Katrin Bacic, CSO of Wayra Germany together with other speakers in a panel moderated by Katrina Logie.

This round table will be at 4YFN (Sabadell Stage).

Spain Entrepreneurial Nation

Tuesday 29th, 11.30-12.30

In this panel we will discuss Spain's mission to put entrepreneurship and innovation at the heart of economic growth. With Irene Gómez, Director of Connected Open Innovation at Telefónica; Francisco Polo, High Commissioner for Spain Entrepreneurial Nation; and María González, CEO of Tucuvi.

This session will take place at 4YFN (Sabadell Stage).

SuperHeroes - How local start-ups can solve regional and global problems

Tuesday 29th, 12.30-13.00

Inés Oliveira, head of Telefónica Open Future, will show us real examples of how entrepreneurs, with their technology start-ups, have helped to boost the economy and solve local problems.

This session will be at 4YFN (Discovery Area).

Hacking stuff for a living is an entrepreneurial life

Tuesday 29th, 13.00-13.30

Hacking for fun is a good way to live. Like the entrepreneurs who are able to hack people's lives with new apps and services, transforming the way we do things in our daily lives.

With Chema Alonso, Chief Digital Consumer Officer (CDCO) of Telefónica.

This session will be at 4YFN (Sabadell Stage).

Anything from Home, how start-ups are disrupting Fitness, Education & Events industries

Tuesday 29th, 13.00-13.30

The COVID crisis has accelerated remote work, but also home fitness, online education and virtual events. Now the question is whether or not these trends are here to stay... Marta Antúnez, director of Wayra Barcelona, will discuss this with the CEOs of 3 start-ups that have taken advantage of the changes caused by the pandemic to boost their businesses in the new normality: Joel Balagué, CEO of Volava; Claudia de la Riva, CEO of Nannyfy; and Albert Rodes, CEO of Watchity.

This session will be at 4YFN (Discovery Area).

The evolution of investments in times of COVID

Wednesday 30th, 09.45-10.30

In this session moderated by Ben Constantini, founder of Start-up Sesame, Irene Gómez, Director of Connected Open Innovation at Telefónica, will debate with other experts on how the economic and social disruption caused by Covid-19 has conditioned the current investment landscape.

This round table will be at 4YFN (Agora Stage).

The Wayra Builder Way: Presenting Deeder

Wednesday 30th, 11.00-11.30 a.m.

In this panel we will talk about Wayra Builder, Telefónica's corporate Venture Builder. The people that are leading this initiative, Fernando Guilllot and Enrique Dupuy, will tell us about the aim of the project, the process of creating a start-up and how it differs from the competition. Later, they will present Deeder, one of the start-ups created from Wayra Builder, and its CEO, Michael Gradek, will tell us how this company is going to change the way companies and users communicate.

This session will be at 4YFN (Discovery Area).

Wayra Blockchain Activation Programme

Wednesday 30th, 11.30-12.00

In this session we will present the Wayra Activation Programme initiative, which currently has an open call for Blockchain, offering exclusive and free access to the Telefónica TrustOS Blockchain platform thanks to our APIs and the personalised support of our experts.

César Rodríguez Cerro, Blockchain specialist at Telefónica Tech; Paula Díez, head of the Wayra Activation Programme; and Cristian Ruz, Lead Developer at Digitar, will explain how Telefónica helps start-ups to provide their solutions with an additional layer of trust in an agile and simple way.

This session will be at 4YFN (Discovery Area).

CVC: Opportunities and challenges of investing ahead of the business

Wednesday 30th, 14.10-14.40

In this panel we will discuss the current state of VCs, sharing experiences and insights with VCs and start-ups. We will discuss how companies are engaging with start-ups and the opportunities and challenges they face, from generating dealflow to integrating start-ups into the business.

With Pablo Moro, Head of Investment at Telefónica Ventures; Marta Antúnez, Director of Wayra Barcelona; Oriol Juncosa, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Encomenda VC; and Joel Balagué, CEO of Volava.

This session will be at 4YFN (Agora Stage).

The secret sauce to discover (and take care) of the next superstar in sports

Wednesday 30th, 16.30-17.00

We will discuss how technology will be key, not only to discover the next stars of the sports world, but also to monitor the performance and health of players through artificial intelligence and the internet of things.

With Paloma Castellano, Director of Wayra Madrid; Iván Contreras, CEO of Humanox; and Manuel Marina, CEO of Idoven.

This session will be at 4YFN (Agora Stage).

Panel: A Conversation on Fundraising and Innovation

Thursday 1st, 14.30-15.00

In this panel moderated by Subhash Ghosh, founder of Technoplant, Miguel Arias, global entrepreneurship director at Telefónica, will discuss innovation and investment funds with José Bayón, CEO of Enisa; and Sanyu Karani, co-founder and CEO of Funding Box.

This round table will be at 4YFN (Sabadell Stage).