Cognitive Marketing

Clients are constantly bombed with messages and information through multiple channels, both online and offline. It is known that, even after having obtained a moment of clients’ attention, it’s not an easy task to maintain it, when the actual intention is to retain and make the client participant.

In fact, this depth of client knowledge is so deep it can only be generated through the analysis of client interaction, not only between the contact spots with a client, but also beyond the influence sphere of a Brand. There is where a brand’s data can be weak, both in virtual and analogic channels.

In Core Innovation, we’ve finally open that blind spot to offer our clients a global, real time vision of their clients. This way, they’ll be able to understand at a granular level who their users are, giving them highly personalized app and web experiences, perfect for their exact context and their wishes, through the Tailormade technology.

With the backup of Telefónica’s telco print, we know better than anyone our users. From editorials, retailers, to the hospitality or finance sectors, we offer the biggest and most robust summary of our client’s client.