The Telefónica Group has operated mobile telephony services in Venezuela since 2005, when it acquired the operator Telcel BellSouth, which at that time had around 4.5 million customers. That same year, Telefónica began to operate with the Movistar brand in the country. Today, the company has a comprehensive range of services in Venezuela, with leading products in mobile internet, digital television and mobile and landline telephony.

Some of the main figures in 2019:

  • Telefónica's income in Venezuela was 79 million euros and the OIBDA stood at 19 million euros.


Alfonso Gómez Palacio CEO Hispam: Alfonso Gómez Palacio


Map of Venezuela

December 2019

  • Results

    • Revenues: 79

    • OIBDA: 19

    • (Euros in millions)