In Ecuador, Telefónica began its operations in 2004, with the acquisition of BellSouth's mobile operation in the country (which, at that time, was the second largest operator in Ecuador, with 816,000 customers and a market share of 35%).

Some of the main figures:

  • Telefónica manages over 4,5 million accesses in Ecuador at the end of 2016.
  • Telefónica's revenue in Ecuador stood at 551 million euros and the OIBDA was 177 million euros.

CEO Hispanoamérica: Eduardo Caride

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Mapa de Ecuador

December 2016

  • Accesses

    • Mobile: 4,541.2

    • Total Accesses: 4,579.0

    • (Data in thousands accesses)

  • Results

    • Revenues: 551

    • OIBDA: 177

    • (Euros in millions)