Telefónica has been present in Colombia since 2004. It began its activities in the mobile market, following the acquisition of Bellsouth's cellular operation in the country. Subsequently, in 2006, Telefónica acquired the control and management of Colombia Telecom. Today, Telefónica provides voice, broadband and pay television services in the country.

Some of the main figures:

  • Telefónica Colombia managed 15.8 million accesses at the end of 2015.
  • At the end of 2015, Telefónica's revenue in Colombia reached 1,508 million euros and the OIBDA stood at 547 million euros. In 2015 alone, Telefónica invested 342 million euros in Colombia.

CEO Hispanoamérica: Eduardo Caride

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Map of Colombia

September 2016

  • Accesses

    • Fixed Telephony: 1,398.4

    • Mobile: 13,556.9

    • Internet & Data: 1,025.1

    • Pay TV: 531.7

    • Total Accesses: 16,503.7

    • (Data in thousands accesses)

  • Results

    • Revenues: 1,034

    • OIBDA: 338

    • (Euros in millions)