Telefónica Tech connects ‘La Vuelta 22’ cars

• La Vuelta' is supported by Telefónica Tech's fleet management solution, which includes both the deployment of IoT connectivity devices in vehicles and the management and exploitation of the data generated in its analytics and Artificial Intelligence platform.
• Telefónica Tech, in collaboration with its partner Geotab, will install IoT devices in thirty of the organisation's vehicles to extract and analyse relevant data to help 'La Vuelta' optimise the environmental impact of its fleet.
• The 77th edition of the Spanish round has 85 hybrid vehicles and two 100% sustainable vehicles.

Telefónica Tech connects La Vuelta 22 cars

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Telefónica Tech, Telefónica’s strategic digital business unit, has technologically connected more than thirty vehicles of the ‘La Vuelta 22’ organisation to extract and analyse relevant data on their location in real time, their engines and driving style, with the aim of enabling the fleet to make more efficient use of fuel and significantly reduce their environmental impact.

Telefónica Tech has implemented, in collaboration with Geotab, its comprehensive fleet management solution, which covers both the deployment of devices with Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity and the presentation of data via the web in the analytical platform developed by Telefónica Tech.

This year, the cars of the ‘La Vuelta’ organisation will be fitted with an IoT device that will send the data captured to the Geotab platform for its management and exploitation, complemented with exclusive advanced analytics developed by Telefónica Tech. The application of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence will allow ‘La Vuelta’ to extract trends and detect patterns and anomalies to be corrected in the fleet to continue advancing in its commitment to the environment.

The Fleet Management solution provides key data such as mileage, positioning and visualisation of vehicle journeys, braking, acceleration and hard cornering, engine failure detection and fuel usage so that statistics can be drawn up and possible causes of over-consumption can be seen.

This solution, which is fully compatible with electric and hybrid vehicles, can help companies make the transition to cleaner and more efficient fleets, as in the case of La Vuelta, which has made a great effort in recent years to achieve a fully hybrid fleet by 2022.

This year, 85 hybrid vehicles will make up the fleet of cars used for La Vuelta 22. In addition, two 100% electric vehicles will form part of the race vehicles. part of the race vehicles.

Javier Guillén, general manager of ‘La Vuelta’, explains: “Making the race more sustainable and technological are two pillars that must help us build our future. In this case, thanks to Telefónica Tech’s Fleet Management solution, we combine these two needs”.

Gonzalo Martín-Villa, CEO of IoT and Big Data at Telefónica Tech, said: “I am very proud that the La Vuelta organisation has decided to connect their cars with our Fleet Management solution. The application of IoT technologies, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in the management of their vehicles provides them with useful and accurate information to make decisions aimed at promoting a more efficient, safe and sustainable driving, as it allows, among others, fuel savings of up to 15%”.

Iván Lequerica, Vice President Southern and Western Europe at Geotab, says: “At Geotab we place sustainability at the heart of our business. We are delighted to be part of this initiative together with Telefónica and La Vuelta. Telematics and data analytics provide us with key information for decision making that can improve the safety, productivity and sustainability of La Vuelta vehicles”.


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