Telefónica offers new immersive experiences for Meta Quest users

● With the 'Movistar Immersive Experience' app, available on Meta Quest glasses, users can play games, access new audiovisual content or learn about the company's products and services.
● At the Telefónica stand at MWC attendees will be able to explore the potential of virtual reality with this new immersive experience, as well as test the development of the Telefónica Theme Park World and Telefónica World worlds, where users can explore, play and create together in the new immersive social environment of Horizon Worlds, created by Meta.

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Telefónica is presenting at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) as part of the ‘Making Metaverse happen’ demo, one of the five that it is presenting at its stand, the ‘Movistar Immersive Experience’ app, already available through the Meta Quest glasses. It is a virtual world that recreates a Movistar city with access to different spaces to play and with unpublished Movistar Plus+ content, as well as access to the company’s products and services.

Some of the spaces that users will be able to find are ‘The cinema room’, where they can view previously unreleased content recorded in 180º and 360º from such successful Movistar Plus+ productions as the series ‘La Unidad’ or the programme ‘La Resistencia’. In addition, thanks to the integration into the app of virtual reality technology from YBVR, a startup invested by Wayra, it will be possible to access sporting events, and later musical events, both live and recorded, and enjoy the experience in an unprecedented multi-camera format. Initially, the best moments of the Australia Open with Rafa Nadal in 2022 or exclusive summaries of the Copa del Rey basketball tournament will be available on a deferred basis.

Users will also be able to access the Movistar Digital shop. This is a showroom space to learn about Movistar products and services in detail, and where they will have the help of Aura, Telefónica’s virtual assistant, to clarify doubts or arrange an appointment at the nearest Movistar shop.

Another of the spaces that can be visited virtually in the ‘Movistar Immersive Experience’ app is #LaCasaDelFutbol, where you can play football interactively or navigate and play through the immersive world created by the artist Okuda San Miguel.

While surfing the ‘Movistar Immersive Experience’, users will receive different notifications that promote their health and wellbeing, through recommendations for good use of technology and that favour digital disconnection.

Soon, users will be able to receive calls or video calls through their Meta Quest glasses without leaving the app. In addition, the user who is enjoying the immersive experience will be able to share what they are experiencing with the other person to bring them closer to this reality or they can also customise the background as in a conventional video call.

Telefónica Theme Park and Telefónica World, available in Horizon Worlds

Telefónica has developed two of its own virtual experiences in the immersive social environment Horizon Worlds created by Meta. Telefónica Theme Park World is a world focused on entertainment and fun full of challenges. It is divided into different typical fairground games such as throwing darts to explode balloons or throwing hoops to fit them in, as well as skill tests. In addition, a community is created around these experiences because in all of them you can compete and interact with other players.

Those attending the Telefónica stand at MWC will also be able to try out another world called Telefónica World in the ‘Making Metaverse happen’ demo on demand. Visitors will be able to give feedback and build a sculpture with different shapes based on the spheres of the Telefónica brand logo. The space also has a speakers’ area to host talks and other activities, as well as an area where users can post comments and get information about the company.


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