Telefónica and Jobandtalent partner to deliver next generation job marketplace to Telefónica customers worldwide

Madrid, February 2, 2016 — Telefónica and Jobandtalent today announced a partnership to offer Jobandtalent’s next generation job marketplace to Telefónica’s customers globally. As part of the...

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Madrid, February 2, 2016 — Telefónica and Jobandtalent today announced a partnership to offer Jobandtalent’s next generation job marketplace to Telefónica’s customers globally. As part of the agreement, Telefónica customers using the app will have access to exclusive features yet to be announced.

The two companies will start the roll out of the service this month in Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Spain. Additional countries where Telefónica operates will be added later in the year. The Jobandtalent mobile app will come pre-installed on different devices in these markets. The app and its benefits will also become available to Telefónica customers wishing to download the app onto their current devices.

“Telefónica is always on the look out for ways to provide relevant content and services that improve the lives of our customers, and providing digital and mobile solutions is central to our strategy,” said Alexandre Fernandes, Director of Digital Consumer Products of Telefónica. “We believe Jobandtalent will become an essential tool for the modern workforce. Together with Jobandtalent, we think we can give our individual and business customers the ability to become even more productive and successful”.

“Millions of people count on Telefónica for mobile service around the world,” said Juan Urdiales, co-founder of Jobandtalent. “Through this partnership, we’ll be able to multiply the reach of our job marketplace over 30 times. With Jobandtalent’s unique technology and Telefónica’s global footprint, we’re perfectly positioned to help more people than ever achieve better jobs and working conditions, and to help businesses hire the best people faster.”

With 10 million users and 65 thousand companies, Jobandtalent is the industry leader in mobile job matching. By using technology to bring the most relevant workers and companies in contact with each other and allowing hiring directly through the app, Jobandtalent aims to create an all inclusive, peer-to-peer job marketplace and disrupt the recruitment industry.

In its effort to create a more efficient job market, Jobandtalent focuses on the blue-collar and small business sectors, a market segment that represents 80% of the global labour market and has been largely ignored by more white-collar job platforms in the market.

Jobandtalent technology works by automatically matching jobs posted by businesses to the job marketplace with the most relevant applicants taking into consideration the candidate’s previous experience, preferences, salary, location, and other behavioural data. Combined with direct messaging and a new in-app hiring button, the matching technology radically reduces the time to hire, making it possible to post a job, receive information about relevant applicants, chat with and hire them in a couple of hours.

Telefónica is also an investor in Jobandtalent through Amerigo, the network of investment funds part of Telefónica Open Future, Telefónica’s global entrepreneurship and innovation network.

About Telefónica

Telefónica es una de las mayores compañías de telecomunicaciones del mundo por capitalización bursátil y número de clientes, que se apoya en una oferta integral y en la calidad de la conectividad que le proporcionan las mejores redes fijas, móviles y de banda ancha. Es una empresa en crecimiento que ofrece una experiencia diferencial, basada tanto en los valores de la propia compañía como en un posicionamiento público que defiende los intereses del cliente.

Presente en 21 países y con una base de clientes de más de 327 millones de accesos, Telefónica tiene una fuerte presencia en España, Europa y Latinoamérica, donde concentra la mayor parte de su estrategia de crecimiento.

Telefónica es una empresa totalmente privada que cuenta con más de 1,5 millones de accionistas directos. Su capital social está dividido en la actualidad en 4.864.341.251 acciones ordinarias que cotizan en el mercado continuo de las bolsas españolas y en las bolsas de Londres, Nueva York, Lima y Buenos Aires.

About Jobandtalent

Jobandtalent is the leading digital job-matching marketplace. Founded in 2009 by Juan Urdiales and Felipe Navío, it aims to make the job hunting and job filling process easier for all types of professionals. Jobandtalent uses a unique technology, developed by data scientists and engineers, which combines linguistic analysis with machine learning to deliver the most accurate matches between job offers and active or passive job searchers possible.

To date, the Jobandtalent marketplace has attracted 10 million registered users and 65 thousand companies, offering over 1.5 million jobs across 50 different countries. Over 6 thousand people get hired each month thanks to Jobandtalent. With Jobandtalent, now the jobs find you.

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