Telefónica and GOfit design the wellness center of the future

● Thanks to video analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) it will be possible to optimize installations, maximize investments and improve the service offered to customers.
● The implemented system provides detailed and anonymized information on the movement of customers in the different areas of the gym, the affluence, heat maps, path sequences and demographic profiling to enrich the user experience and guide business decisions thanks to the data collected.

Telefónica and GOfit spokepersons present the wellness center of the future in the MWC23

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Telefónica and the GOfit chain of wellness sports centers are applying AI-based video analytics solutions to create a new management model that optimizes facilities, maximizes investment in center equipment, better plan staff schedules and improve the user experience.

The implemented solution, based on the technology of the Canadian company C2RO and included in Telefónica Tech’s portfolio, allows reusing the existing cameras and processing the video images in real time through the use of algorithms and artificial intelligence, as well as obtaining detailed anonymized information on the use of the clients in the different areas of the gymnasium.

C2RO’s software does not use any biometric data in the processing and analysis of video streams; using a patented 100% non-biometric AI system to deliver highly accurate data. Data is always collected and displayed in an aggregated and anonymized form. There is no recording or storage of the video streams, ensuring compliance with GDPR privacy regulations.

Thanks to video analytics, GOfit can know the real-time traffic in each of its sports centers, the demographic profile of its customers, the time spent in the different areas, the occupancy of the rooms, swimming pool, locker rooms and other points of interest, and the most common route sequences; all broken down by hours and days of the week to facilitate greater security and better customer comfort.

All this information is consolidated in a scorecard to facilitate decision making, such as management and optimization of resources and personnel, activities that generate higher demand and the redistribution of machines or expansion of equipment in the rooms of increased occupancy.

Telefónica is developing a comprehensive project, from initial consulting to implementation, operation and support. The predictive model will allow to know the affluence by time slot and key areas for seven days after the prediction is made. The advanced analytics model, based on Machine Learning algorithms, takes into account the historical visitor records provided by C2RO, but also other external sources that may influence the visit, such as the weather, the great sport events or the holiday calendar.

In this way, GOfit will allow its customers make the most of their training time, avoiding waiting times and maximizing the comfort of the centers.

“This is a flagship project in the application of technology to improve our services and another step in the company’s continuous disruption in the search of the best possible experience for our customers. Technology can and should be an ally in the construction of an active and sustainable society,” says Manuel Estebanez, CIO of GOfit.

“With this project we help GOfit evolve its business thanks to advanced technological solutions that maximize the return on investment in the company’s assets, such as machines and directed classes, while meeting the needs of users,” said Esther Cardenal, senior product manager for IoT and Big Data at Telefónica Tech.

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