Telefónica and ASTI Mobile Robotics come together to accelerate the digitalization of industrial environments with IoT

Telefónica and ASTI Mobile Robotics come together to accelerate the digitalization of industrial environments with IoT

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Madrid, 21 June 2018.- Telefónica and ASTI Mobile Robotics signed a collaboration agreement to accelerate the digital transformation through the Internet of Things (IoT) in industrial environments where the automation and digitalization of processes is critical. As a result of this collaboration, companies will be able to benefit from comprehensive solutions for the digitalization and industrialization of their industrial processes in the so-called “Logistics 4.0” field, and other lines of work of the new smart factories themselves.

The agreement includes two fundamental frameworks. A technological one that includes the development of joint products in the field of LTE networks for companies, and another commercial one with which Telefónica and ASTI will jointly develop business aimed at companies in sectors such as the automotive industry, ports, airports, the petrochemical industry, food companies, pharmaceutical companies, and e-commerce with activity in the countries where Telefónica operates. “Practically all productive industries and sectors rely on the Internet of Things (IoT) to improve their processes, to be more efficient and safe, and to even have better predictability in terms of business needs. At Telefónica we are promoting a change in the productive systems of all industrial sectors, accompanying companies in their journey towards digital transformation”, say Vicente Muñoz, Chief IoT Officer at Telefónica.

Telefónica and ASTI will identify the uses and fields of LTE connectivity for automatically guided vehicles (AGVs), very common in industrial work environments, and will jointly develop the technological and commercial proposal. On the one hand, ASTI will develop equipment that works in the scope of the public-private networks deployed by Telefónica. While Telefónica will integrate the necessary connectivity that makes it possible for the AGVs connect to private networks, in the most efficient way possible.

The vision of an entrepreneurial network infrastructure under the LTE standard guarantees maximum reliability, performance, and security in a private environment, preparing for the arrival of IoT solutions in 5G. However, to support the communications requirements associated with the functioning of the AGVs, networks must provide certain benefits in terms of reliability, latency, and performance, none of which is feasible with the current technological solutions.

“The technological solution will make it possible to store the data generated by machines in a server, making it possible to consult the information on the production and maintenance of machinery, with failure prediction before they occur, avoiding stoppages, as well as improving the real time control of the AGVs”, explained the Head of R&D&r Development of ASTI, Enrique Sierra.

The use of these technologies would allow the centralization of the guidance algorithms which are now implemented in each AGV, thus achieving more intelligence and providing support to new coordination mechanisms that are impossible with the current solutions for AGVs which would optimize manufacturing processes.

The initial tests have been performed at 5TONIC, the 5G open innovation and research laboratory founded by Telefónica and IMDEA Networks, in which ASTI Mobile Robotics is the first industrial partner.


About Telefónica IoT

Telefonica IoT, is the IoT global business area within Telefónica, dedicated to the development and implementation of IoT solutions across all industry verticals.  It offers end-to-end global solutions to its customers around the world relying on its best-in-class connectivity that extends beyond their footprint enabled by Roaming agreements and partnerships.  The main areas of Telefónica IoT include Smart Mobility, Smart Retail and Smart Energy.

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About ASTI Mobile Robotics

ASTI Mobile Robotics, transforming the future together, designs, engineers, manufactures, implements and maintains automated intralogistics solutions. ASTI Mobile Robotics specialises in automated guided vehicles (AGVs) used to move materials and products from place to place in factories and warehouses. It offers the widest range of AGVs on the market and is an expert in industrial connectivity and processes.

ASTI Mobile Robotics forms part of the ASTI TechGroup technology and digital transformation holding comprising five organisations whose scope extends from talent development through to mobile robotics.


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