Tecuni turns to Bizkaia Open Future_ once again to launch its second technological challenge

Tecuni turns to Bizkaia Open Future_ once again to launch its second technological challenge

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The goal is to achieve the most realistic simulation possible to present lighting tenders to customers  

  • It is looking for proposals to make it possible to parametrise the type of lighting included in the tenders and the intensity thereof
  • The solution should include a simulated depiction which is realistic enough to help customers make their final decision
  • The submission period for entries begins on 30 October and will end on 30 November; candidates can enter at bizkaia.openfuture.org
  • The winners will conduct a real pilot funded by Tecuni

Bilbao 30 October. – Tecuni turns to Bizkaia Open Future_, the initiative promoted by the Biscayan Provincial Council and Telefónica to advance the digital transformation of the companies in the region, once again to launch its second technological challenge after the excellent results of the first. The Biscay company, part of the VINCI Energies international group, is looking for technological proposals which enable it to create simulations of its projects which are as realistic as possible so as to present its lighting tenders to customers, which are mainly municipal institutions.

The proposals Tecuni would like to see should encompass solutions that make it possible to parametrise the type of lighting included in the tenders, and the intensity thereof. They should also make it possible to take a tour through the physical setting corresponding to the tender, thus improving customer experience during the presentation of the project and facilitating final decision making.

The winner of this challenge, set through the global Telefónica Open Future_ platform, will be able to carry out real pilot testing – funded by Tecuni – of the winning project, obtain a prize of €15,000 and access grants from the Biscayan Provincial Council, provided that they meet the relevant conditions. The period for the submission of entries for the second Tecuni challenge, through Bizkaia Open Future_, begins today and will end on 30 November. Candidates can enter through bizkaia.openfuture.org.

Tecuni, a leading company in its sector

Tecuni, based in Ortuella, was created in 1972 with the goal of developing its business in the electrical systems sector. It is currently part of the VINCI Energies España group, the energy division of VINCI, the leading international concessions and construction group. VINCI Energies is present in 20 countries in Europe and has 70 business units specialising in public and architectural lighting, applying the most advanced technology in urban projects.

In the first challenge lauched by Tecuni through the Bizkaia Open Future_ initiative, the company was looking for a technological solution which could automatically create an inventory of lighting, indicating characteristics such as geolocation, brand, model, type, information and format. It also posed the problem of exploring a viable formula for the current working environment and systems that enable data to be read remotely. The challenge, which received 26 entries, 15 from the Basque Country, five from the rest of Spain and six from international candidates, was won by the Mexican company RetailSights.

About Bizkaia Open Future_

Bizkaia Open Future_ is an initiative of the Biscayan Provincial Council and Telefónica which was created three years ago to support the industrial sector of Biscay through its digital transformation. This programme is aimed at industry in general and has become the link between new local and international entrepreneurial talent and the industrial firms in the region.

Since its launch, Bizkaia Open Future_ has set six challenges from leading Biscay companies and organisations. Velatia, OSI Ezkerraldea Enkarterri Cruces-Hospital Universitario Cruces, Dibal, Ingeteam, Tecuni and Sidenor, received over 170 proposals from the Basque Country, the rest of Spain and international locations. It also resulted in the acceleration of five startups and support for 10 SMEs selected for the new business model innovation process, as well as various awareness-raising and training programmes.


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