Movistar offers a new convergent security service to protect navigation, content and devices

Movistar offers a new convergent security service to protect navigation, content and devices

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First operator in the world to offer a convergent security service of these characteristics

  • With Conexión Segura service both navigation and devices are protected.
  • Movistar Junior is launched, an application for smartphones and tablets with which children will be able to watch Movistar+ contents for children in a secure environment.
  • Smart WiFi makes it possible to control the WiFi from outside home.
  • Movistar Cloud now to have unlimited capacity.

Madrid, 19 November 2018.- Telefónica announced today the launch of convergent security services which offer browsing security through the Movistar network and on devices, in addition to a secure environment at home with special attention to child audiences. In this way, Telefónica becomes the first operator in the world to offer a service with these characteristics, combining protection on landline and mobile network.

Conexión Segura (Secure Connection) protects both browsing and mobile devices. With Smart WiFi users will be able to manage their home network through an app from anywhere; Movistar Cloud offers unlimited capacity in cloud storage, and Movistar Junior is a peace of mind app to exclusively manage and watch the content kids watch on Movistar+. All  these services will be free for Fusión (bundled offering of broadband, mobile and tv) customers.

Conexión Segura has been internally developed by ElevenPaths, Telefónica’s cybersecurity unit and Telefónica España teams, together with security market leaders McAfee and Allot that have intensely collaborated in order to launch the first security convergent offer for residential customers.

Conexión Segura

Fusión customers will have the connections of both their landline network (including all connected devices at home) and mobile lines associated with their contract protected when navigating through their own Movistar network. In order to enjoy this service free of charge, all customers will have to do is activate it on any of the usual Movistar channels. Management is done by the owner through the website with the same credentials as the customer area.

One of the main attributes of Conexión Segura is that of an immediate and effective protection because it instantly and preventively blocks all malware and fraud threats which may be found when browsing, and instantly informs the user who will be able to decide to continue browsing or keep the blocking.

The service also includes protection for up to five devices for browsing through other networks (for example, public WiFi). Users need to install the Seguridad Dispositivo app to manage this particular safety feature.

Conexión Segura is also offered to non Fusión customers who are just mobile subscribers.

Smart WiFi App: manage your home’s connectivity             

The Smart WiFi app, available since 2017, is updated with new features which allow to, among other things, manage and control the home’s Wi-Fi network from anywhere. The Smart WiFi app is compatible with the Smart Wi-Fi Router.

The features that make this update possible are the control of the entire network (with the possibility of denying access to the network or temporarily pausing internet access), the creation of a Wi-Fi password for guests (easy to share and without the need for sharing the usual one), the network’s customisation (change its name and passwords), or the performance of speed tests with recommendations for improving the connection.

It also makes it possible to manage Conexión Segura. Through the app users can check  the summary of threats that the service has blocked while  browsing through the home’s Wi-Fi network, it manages the number of licenses covered under the Seguridad Dispositivo service and accesses the Conexión Segura management website.

Movistar Cloud, free and unlimited for all Fusión customers

With a focus on security, in this case the contents’, Movistar Cloud becomes free and with unlimited storage. Among other features, it immediately allows to see  photographs and videos posted on Facebook or Instagram accounts, Dropbox files, or files attached to Gmail emails.

This service has the advantage it can be accessed from any device and makes it possible to share contents with other people through email, WhatsApp, and social networks.

Movistar Cloud will be free for all Fusion customers, and for those with contracts and additional lines #15 or #25.

Movistar Junior, the app for children so they can watch Movistar+

Movistar Junior is an app on iOS and Android with which Movistar+ children’s contents can be enjoyed in a secure environment. The app has two differentiated areas: one for parents to make the settings they wish, and another for children to enjoy contents.

The parental control area can be protected by a PIN, to be chosen by the parent, and makes it possible to make certain adjustments such as defining the age range, playing contents in original version, or adjusting consumption time and/or the time slot when it can be used.

With a visual and intuitive interface, Movistar Junior has four differentiated sections: characters, channels, activities, and music.

The characters area allows those who use it to watch more than 90 on-demand series. The channels area includes nine of those present in Movistar+, and allows both a linear playback as well as the possibility of accessing the on-demand content of said channel’s series and programs.

Movistar Junior will be progressively launched as of 2 December, and will be available for 100% of all terminals on December 14th, for both IOS and Android.


With regard to how to contract these free Movistar services, the Smart WiFi App does not require contracting; all that is needed is the download of the Smart WiFi app from the iOS and Android stores. Secure Connection can be activated on digital channels (private area, and the Mi Movistar app as of December), while the Movistar Cloud app can be downloaded from the iOS and Android stores, or on the Movistar Cloud web application, and the three services at Movistar Junior will be downloadable from the app stores.


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