IMQ sets a technological challenge to facilitate cardiopulmonary resuscitation training techniques

Imq sets a technological challenge to facilitate cardiopulmonary resuscitation training techniques

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Through Bizkaia Open Future, IMQ is seeking the most realistic and efficient proposal for training its professionals


  • The solution should improve the practical side of current training courses
  • Technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality and the Internet of Things (IoT) could help solve the challenge
  • Entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs, universities and technology centres can enter the challenge, which is the seventh set by Bizkaia Open Future
  • The period for candidate entries at opens on 31 January and closes on 28 February


Bilbao 31 January. IMQ has set a technological challenge through Bizkaia Open Future to facilitate Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training techniques. The leading company of the healthcare sector in the Basque Country, and one of the largest in the country, has turned to the Biscayan Provincial Council and Telefónica to find the most realistic and efficient proposal for instructing its professionals.

The challenge set by Clínica IMQ Zorrotzaurre, of the IMQ Group, is called How can new technologies facilitate acquisition of CPR skills? This is the seventh competition arranged through Bizkaia Open Future. Technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality and the Internet of Things (IoT) could help solve IMQ’s challenge.

The challenge focuses on applying new technologies to the practical part of CPR training, avoiding the limitations of using manikins — which are expensive and must be moved between locations — to simulate the situation. IMQ is looking for a visual and/or biomechanical simulation that reproduces the real situation, making it possible to measure the indicators the instructor considers necessary. Similarly, it aims to gather data about the practical exercise (position of the manoeuvre, frequency of massage, precise point of pressure, etc.), which can be evaluated by the trainer during or after the practice session and to resolve or improve the two main barriers currently facing this training exercise: the dependence on having a manikin to practise on and the physical presence of the instructor.

The winner of this challenge, launched through Telefónica Open Future’s global platform, will be able to implement a real pilot of the project fully financed by Clínica IMQ Zorrotzaurre and also win an additional prize of 15,000 euros, as well as opt for the grants from the Biscayan Provincial Council, provided that all of the applicable terms and conditions are met. The entry period for the IMQ challenge, from Bizkaia Open Future, opens on 31 January and closes on 28 February, and candidates can sign up at

IMQ, a leading healthcare group

IMQ is a powerful business group with 84 years of experience. It is the leading private healthcare company in the Basque Country and one of the largest in Spain.

IMQ currently offers healthcare cover to more than 354,000 people and over one thousand companies in the Basque Country; through IMQ Prevención, it also provides occupational health services to 135,000 workers and more than 4,900 companies.

Its values include patient satisfaction and expectations — offering them high technical and service quality, safety and personalised service — and being results-oriented, fostering continuous improvement, efficiency, and technological, organisational and care-related innovation.

About Bizkaia Open Future

Bizkaia Open Future is an initiative from Telefónica and the Biscayan Provincial Council, which was set up three years ago to support the industrial sector in Biscay throughout its digital transformation. The programme is designed for industry in general and is a meeting point between new local and international entrepreneurial talent and industrial companies in the region.

Since it was set up, Bizkaia Open Future has launched seven challenges from benchmark businesses and organisations in Bizkaia. Velatia, OSI Ezkerraldea Enkarterri Cruces-Hospital Universitario Cruces, Dibal, Ingeteam, Tecuni and Sidenor received more than 190 proposals from across the Basque Country, Spain and abroad.

About Open Future

Telefónica Open Future, as part of the Open Innovation area, is a network comprising more than 50 innovation spaces that is present in nine countries. It is a global platform designed to create business opportunities by connecting entrepreneurs, investors and public and private partners worldwide.



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